TEN dumps Journeyman

TEN is dropping one of its new summer shows, Journeyman from its schedule immediately.

The sci-fi show starring Kevin McKidd was essentially axed by NBC last week.

Only two episodes have aired on TEN, gaining 653,000 and 521,000 viewers.

TEN will move the remaining eps to TEN HD from 9:30pm Thursday this week as part of its SciFi Thursday line-up. It will be replaced by another repeat of Law and Order:SVU.

The tactic creates a new strategy for Aussie television. Technically a show is no longer “axed” if it moves to HD, which makes for a better PR spin. The downside is whether viewers will begin to view HD as the rubbish dump of our big networks?

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  1. Stupid Ch10. I’d wondered what had happened to Journeyman. It looked like a decent series. How on EARTH could they possibly have gotten an idea about popularity from 2 episodes?
    Looks like another decent show lost (like Torchwood, Stargate, Jericho and Threshold, Veronica Mars) to the never ending reality push. Will we ever get good quality shows again.
    As for that HD crap. Stuff that. They lost me.

  2. It is very unfair to play Journey Man on HD only. I really love that show, and now I cant watch it at all, just because I dont have a HD tv. Guess, I just have to wait for the dvd to come out then.

  3. Well, while disappointed that I only got to see two episodes of Journeyman, I liked it enough that I will buy the DVD so seeing a sampler on 10 was a good thing.
    HD? Oh yes, that’s something that you city dwellers get isn’t it? Like Tesltra’s NextG!

  4. Oh stuff them … just download what you want … serves them all right!
    Also, that HD PVR sounds a great idea … my SD PVR has served me faithfully for many months now and I recommend them to everyone!

  5. in responce to Hel. The reason we relay on whether is does any good in the US is because if it does not it will be axed in the US and then there is mo show for AUST to show. So that is why we rely on US ratings as a guide.

  6. Why on earth do the Australian networks panic so quickly? Even if a show doesn’t have the numbers in America it doesn’t mean it’ll be a failure here. We can’t possibly have the same number of people watching a new hit show as America. Not to mention that we’re Australians, not Americans (at least not yet!) – we still put more value in word of mouth than flashy advertising, especially when that same advertising is usually incorrect. Unfortunately word of mouth takes more than two episodes to really gain momentum.

    I guess we can assume that this “fair go” culture we supposedly have (according to the politicians anyway) doesn’t extend to television shows. Network decisions are disappointing to say the least. More like disheartening really.

  7. I never understand why stations get rid of shows during the non-rating summer period….

    Eitherway, this is why HD channels are going to be brilliant. A show that isn’t deemed as popular can still bit watched on HD. Some may call it a dumping ground… Well one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I think many will enjoy keeping their trash/treasure then not seeing it at all!

  8. I think it sucks that shows get dumped onto HD and people who can afford the equipment are the only ones who can view it.

    There may be $99.00 boxes out there, but that’s still a lot of money for some families just to watch free to air television.

  9. You need to have the right sort of TV to view HD, though, don’t you? I bought my first SD set top box about 16 months ago after persevering with horrible reception for years and I was blown away by the difference it made! I’d happily buy an HD set top box if I knew it would work on my TV. How do you tell? The TV is four years old.

  10. I know it’s unfair to most fans of this (in my opinion) underrated show, but as a HD-equipped Kitten I’m actually pleased Ten’s made this move.

    As it stoood, Journeyman – a show produced in HD – was going to be one of Ten’s only prime-time shows to miss out on an HD simulcast, because of “Sci-Fi Thursday”. Now at least I’ll be able to see the remaining 9 episodes in HD, and in theory it won’t get unexpectedly pulled off air due to “ratings” since the HD channel is not counted in ratings at all.

    As for Ten HD being a “dumping ground”, I see that as a GOOD thing. Look at the “duped” shows they already have on there – The Shield (one of the best shows of the last decade) and Veronica Mars are two examples. Shows that get “dumped” from the commercial networks are more often than not simply too intelligent or challenging for the dumbed-down tastes of those with ratings meters.

    This is what I had hoped all along they would use the HD multichanneling for, and I see it as a Good Thing.

    And yes, HD set top boxes are cheap and readily available. Your mileage may vary, but I’d say based on what we’re seeing happen so far, it’d be a good time to get one… or wait for Santa to bring you that HD television or HD PVR you’ve been hinting about 🙂

  11. I’m confused by Ten’s sci-fi night. First I hear Torchwood repeats were dropped and The 4400 moves to an earlier timeslot and now Journeyman is at 9:30?? Is there gonna be a television guide for TENHD at all because I’m getting ticked off and it’s only been on air for one and a half days!

  12. I just had a vision of the future where Ten’s main channel solely programs Law and Order and The Simpsons, while EVERYTHING else gets shunted to TenHD.

    You know I’m right!

  13. I have seen HD boxes going for $99 bucks, but they may not be that great. This said, my SD box cost me $49.95 and works like a charm. Not surprised by Ten ditching Journeyman, but TenHD is fast looking like the place where Ten’s shows go to die nonetheless. Their Scifi Saturday is pretty disappointing so far though, with three shows in repeats and the fourth (season 3 of Battlestar Galactica) already out on DVD anyway!

    I won’t be suprised if season 2 of Torchwood is exclusive to TenHD as well.

  14. To anon post 2 – you have to go out and purchase a High Definition Set Top Box, plug it in and there you will be able to view the HD channels – don’t buy standard definition because you wont pick HD up – I know and I have 2 SD boxes!

  15. I watched “Journeyman’ last Thursday and found it quite good. The most involving of any of the summer shows. That’s a shame. Pity I have no clue what to do to get 10HD.

  16. Networks are too much in a hurry to purchase programs before knowing whether it would be a success – this is becoming habitual with all the channels, especially with ch9.
    Fast-tracking programs is fine with programs with a strong viewing but its a risk with new programs – my suggestions to the networks is to wait and see how its fairing in the US and then if its doing well, get the rights.
    This current method is not fair on viewers.

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