Axed: Jericho (again)

And this time it’s for good.

After getting the chop the first time, fans of Jericho were so outraged they famously bombarded CBS with peanuts. It was such a concerted campaign it was enough to win a seven episode reprieve.

But that’s it.

“The March 25th episode of Jericho will be the series finale,” CBS has now said in a statement. “Without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program; we simply wish there were more. We thank an engaged and spirited fan base for keeping the show alive this long, and an outstanding team of producers, cast and crew that went through creative hoops to deliver a compelling, high quality second season.

“We have no regrets bringing the show back for a second try. We listened to our viewers, gave the series an opportunity to grow, and the producers put a great story on the screen. We’re proud of everyone’s efforts.”

For the seven-episode second season, producers shot two endings — one that leaves viewers in suspense for a third round, another that is more conclusive. Guess which one will air?

The massive protest that saved Jericho last year has been called the largest fan effort ever to try and halt a network cancellation of a series.

The outcry put CBS in a tough position, whether to renew a show that has below-the-line ratings, yet unprecedented fan support. Unfortunately for the network and fans, the second season’s Nielsen ratings were even lower than the first.

In an Australian first Network TEN famously launched Jericho simultaneously with the US, but dropped the show from schedule even before the US problems. It hasn’t been seen since June.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. omg don’t even knock firefly, i turned heaps of my friends and co-workers onto it and before serenity came out i got the video store i work at to carry it and that has given rise to dozens and dozens of fans being created amongst our customers, to this day it still rents well. even my mum likes it now and she hated buffy and angel and isn’t even into sci-fi, but firefly was so awesome that it got past all those reasons she came up with for why she wouldn’t like it, because when she finally watched it she changed her mind.

    browncoats for life
    – i am a leaf on the wind, watch how i soar-

  2. True bindi, its good that they got another 7 episodes to give the series closure. Too many excellent series like Traveler, Tru Calling, Day Break, Firefly, Hidden Palms and heaps of other series no one has ever heard of all get axed after one season. Whats more is these series are some of the best television series in existence.

    As for Moonlight, it hasn’t been renewed yet. CBS president Les Moonves said they were likely to bring it back, but then showrunner Chip Johannsen got fired, which is a shame as I was enjoying the direction he was giving the show. They have yet to replace him with anyone yet, but the show will air another 4 episodes in the US starting April 25th. Those eps are all a part of the first season though, and a second season hasn’t been confirmed. I hope it comes back, its the best show on that network.

  3. i agree richotb, jericho was a lot better than a lot of the stuff on tv, i’m not surprised that the 7 extra episodes are all they gave us but at least now there will be some closure and finality to the story. i thought moonlight was renewed, is it still in doubt? it is too awesome to not renew. it is just one of those shows that when you are watching it you just know you are watching something special.

  4. NUTS!!…sure this show is no Heroes or LOST but I’d watch it over the likes of tedious cop/reality/hospital/observational series like Criminal Minds and Bones and Shark and everything airing on Channel Nine right now. Its always the innovative and original series that get the axe first as most viewers don’t enjoy following programs that require a semblance of a train of thought. Oh well, it got another 7 episodes, thats a blessing on its own. They’d better renew Moonlight for a second season though. Its the closest thing we have to Angel thats airing right now.

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