US to animate failed Aussie sitcom

Now I’ve heard everything.

US network giant FOX is set to make an animated version of the old Aussie sitcom Sit Down, Shut Up.

And it’s being put together by none other than Mitch Hurwtiz, creator of Arrested Development.

The sitcom about self-obsessed teachers screened on Channel TEN in 2001 and starred Stephen Curry, Marg Downey and Tayler Kane. It was created by Brendan Reed and Tim McLoughlin, both of whom took roles. But without attracting either good reviews or good ratings it only lasted 13 eps.

Never let that stand in the way of re-selling a format. The Hollywood Reporter says, “If the table read goes well, the project will be ordered straight to series, bypassing the monthslong, expensive process of producing a presentation.”

It marks the first pilot order for Tantamount, the Sony-based company launched last year by Hurwitz and Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. Sony is co-producing the pilot with Granada USA, which owns the rights to the format.

Last year Reed accused Chris Lilley of ripping off one of his characters when he devised Mr G, a claim Summer Heights High director Matt Saville denied.

Still, Reed is to be congratulated for finding life in his product again.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I stand corrected.

    Wikipedia says the show premiered on 16 February 2001 (which would be on a Friday). Odd. I was so sure it premiered in 2000. 😛

  2. Hwood Reporter has it as 2001, IMDb has it as 2000, but sometimes that is production date rather than airing.

    I went with the latest info available, but maybe someone else can enlighten.

  3. David, just a minor hiccup… I’m pretty sure the series aired back in 2000 (if I’m not mistaken).

    But yes, I’m as surprised as you are. Sit Down, Shut Up is the absolute last show I would have expected to see a US remake of, let alone an animated one.

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