Returning: Skins

Woohooo! Those kids bursting with life are coming back, sooner than you think.

In what amounts to an SBS equivalent of fasttracking, the second season of that fabulous British drama Skins is returning next month.

It airs from 10pm Monday May 19.

Brimming with passionate, reckless, heartfelt and outspoken kids, the drama by British writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain has only concluded in the UK last week. The speed which with SBS is returning this series is a significant move by the broadcaster, which isn’t usually prone to such quick turn arounds.

As previously reported, Skins third series will dramatically alter, with an entire new cast. It will be goodbye to Sid, Maxxie, Chris, Tony, Cassie, Anwar, Michelle and Jal. Last week in the UK around 3000 hopefuls turned up to audition for the series.

The return of Skins (bound to be far more compelling viewing than the party house of Big Brother) marks a big week for SBS. The Eurovision Song Contest also airs in the same week.

SBS has launched a Sneak Peek of Skins you can see here. Its new logo and website in early May.

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  1. Hi..
    I’m from Australia
    i think this show is great
    and i was just curious as to when the third season will be airing in Aus.
    we had repeats of the first two seasons a few weeks ago
    was hoping that it would lead to the third but there’s been no
    ads for it or anything ..

    well hope someone can help.


  2. It deserves to be fast-tracked. Season 2 was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Whilst the writing may not have been as sharp early on , the progression is great and by the finale it’s back to watch you’d expect.

    Speaking of finale, it wraps up brilliantly. Yeah there are some loose ends, but I’m happy some things were left to the imagination rather then tied up in a cliche manner.

    Bring on 2009 with a whole new cast for series 3.

  3. I’m surprised too – I fully expected SBS to take another 2 years to show it and so happily downloaded the season (in HD though, and without SBS’s penis ads and popups, so all is not lost ๐Ÿ™‚

    I suspect the music will be changed; they seem to prepare an “international” version for this show (and Sinchronicity, too) to get around licensing problems.

    While I agree there’s some pretty bad writing in season 2 – especially the earlier episodes – there’s also some truly superb writing there. Episodes 3 and 6 are astonishingly good.

  4. Wow. That was fast. I mean REALLY fast. Especially for SBS standards.

    Hopefully this will mean a prompt DVD release as well :D.

    I’ve already watched the entire series, although I wouldn’t mind seeing it all again. I’m just hoping that the music won’t be changed from the UK broadcast for this season although I won’t keep my hopes up.

    In comparison to series one, Skins 2 has been quite poor. The writing is glaringly AWFUL in some episodes; and some characters are horribly inconsistent. Especially Cassie, who is no longer the innocent wacko whom we’ve grown to love in series one. ๐Ÿ™

    Anyways… with that said, this is still really good news for Skins viewers. ๐Ÿ™‚

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