Gone: Betty, Trinny & Susannah. Returning: Family Guy, American Dad

Poor Betty. She can save the day on screen, but not off…

Seven has pulled Ugly Betty from its schedule again, effective immediately.

Last night the show rated a disappointing 573,000 viewers, beaten by a repeat of Law and Order: SVU (1.08m) and the AFL / NRL Footy Shows (1.02m). The show only returned for one episode after being removed in June. Seven trailed with a 25% evening share to Nine’s 30.4%, TEN was close with 23.6%.

Trinny & Susannah Undress the Nation is also removed from schedule (there is talk in the UK their show may even be axed).

For Thursday September 4 Seven currently plans:
7:30pm Make me a Supermodel

8:30pm Ghost Whisperer “Holiday Spirit”
9:30pm Ghost Whisperer “Slam”
10:20pm Family Guy “Back to the Woods”
10:50pm American Dad “Haylias”
11:20 Beauty & The Geek

Double Whisperer plus Family Guy / American Dad doubles follow on September 11.

Ugly Betty of course was hailed as the salvation of Seven in February 2007 leading the network charge with its “Beautiful Sunday” nights.

Missing in Action

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  1. Dammit Ugly Betty’s one of my favourite shows! I was hoping it would be coming back eventually…
    And I do have school the next day so I much preferred the 7:30 timeslot.
    Stupid Channel 7!

  2. I just watched the episode that aired two weeks ago and it was one of the funniest yet. I can’t believe it’s gone again! I don’t care now if they schedule it for midnight, I just want to see it again. Even New Zealand have seen the whole second season and I thought they were worse off than us when it comes to TV. Guess not.

  3. The only reason Ugly Betty’s ratings dropped is because Seven bumped it into a timeslot of 9:30pm after dud shows featuring pouty pooches with one brain cell to share.

  4. What does the Seven Network expect moving Ugly Betty to a 9.30 timeslot? Of course they’re not going to get the same sort of ratings! They’ve moved it into a completely different audience area. Put it on earlier and see what happens, 7!

  5. I’m always glad to see a double episode of Ghost Whisperer but not if Ugly Betty is sacrificed! I just wish the DVD companies would hurry up and release the second season. I don’t want to rely on free-to-air TV anymore.

  6. Well, duh. Putting it at 9.30pm meant it wasn’t going to rate well… especially against a stalwart crime show. The majority of “Betty” fans (who haven’t downloaded) have school or work the next day and can’t stay up that late watching TV.

    It airs at 8pm in the US – if it got shown there at 10pm it surely wouldn’t have survived this long.

  7. Sorry I just noticed the “bumpy Thursday” item explains what has happened. Every State has lost Am. Dad due to AFL on Friday pushing things back into Thursday.

  8. doctorwho, In Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth the following will screen on Thursday:
    7pm Home & Away (double episode)
    8pm Make Me A Supermodel
    9pm Ghost Whisperer
    10.50 Family Guy
    11.20 Beauty & The Geek

    So it is because of the H&A double episode that there’ll be no American Dad! this Thursday night on Seven (in southern states only)..

  9. According to the Yahoo7 guide, Perth has got Family Guy at a different time (10.50pm) and does not get American Dad after it. Is there a reason for the difference?
    I am a fan of both shows and disappointed that we miss out in WA.

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