Bob Morley: “meat puppet”

Surprising comments today from actor Bob Morley being candid about his time on Seven’s Home and Away.

In less-than-flattering comments to the Daily Telegraph, Morley has reportedly lambasted the show as a “machine that can chew you up and spit you out”.

The 23-year-old actor spent two years on Seven’s soap and now stars in Nine’s The Strip and recently had a role in Scorched.

“It’s nice to be in a show (The Strip) where it’s not based on taking your shirt off,” he said.

“That was one thing that got me down (in Home & Away).

“If that’s all I am – a meat puppet – then I don’t know that I want to keep doing it,” he said.

While it might not be a regular feature of the show, Morley did whip his shirt off briefly in the pilot episode of The Strip. And promotions for the Nine soap have been far more adult and sexy than Home and Away ever gets- but that’s because it’s got a racier classification.

Morley reckons at the end of his stint on Seven’s soap he felt so dejected that he didn’t care whether he ever acted again.

“I knew I had to get out. It wasn’t a good place to be in. Home & Away is a great place to learn, but it’s a machine and it can chew people up and spit them out,” he said. “I stepped out not really caring whether I had another job.”

Despite his experience on Seven’s long-running soap, Morley said that he was happy that it did not dissuade him from further pursing an acting career.

“I’ve got a little bit of a career going and I don’t want to lose it.”

But The Strip doesn’t have anywhere near the ratings success or longevity of Home and Away.

You’d hope he hasn’t been quoted out of context here. As many in the industry know, it isn’t particularly helpful to burn bridges when you’re a jobbing actor, not in a country of our size. Network execs remember this sort of stuff, as well as producers who look to employ you further down the track.

Prior to his his stint on Home and Away, Morley doesn’t have any other professional credits according to IMDb.

Source: The Daily Telegraph


  1. It seems like they’ve given Bob a chance on the Strip, but he seems like he has a very similar character to what he was in Home And Away. I wish they would let him open up his character in the Strip, like they did with Frankie, let him inject his own personality into the character to make it believable. He seems like a character the show could do without, or do with some great improvement. He’s only young really. A long way to go.

  2. Forgot to add, he has had new business cards printed.

    Bob Morley – serious actor.

    P.S. Lucky no one confuses him with the talented and never forgotten Robert Morley.Now Robert Morley could act in serious or comedic role and he was in the acting game for decades not 5 minutes.

    As for Bobby (or Bob) Morley, let time judge him.
    I fear it will but not in the way he wants.

    Dose of humble pie needed.

  3. Opps. I don’t think the guy realised how much the media would run with this. It’s the front page on ninemsn atm, and no doubt Nine’s 6pm news will take great joy in twisting the knife into seven’s back tonight.

  4. Maybe Booby would like a serious acting role.

    Celebrity Big Brother or Monster House or Hole in the Wall are on the way to save you Bobby.

    Foolish comments methinks.

  5. knoxoverstreet, if “the stip”, Morleys new show, wasnt a ratings joke then I think ACA probably would do a story on it, TT might even jump on the bandwagon and turn it into a story dis-crediting Bobby Morley, they didnt waste anytime laying into Darryl Somers when he quite ‘Dancing with the stars’!

  6. The silly goose!
    Does he actually think he is in The Strip because of his acting???
    Sorry love, deluded! He was a very “average” actor in H&A and his popularity in that was only from his looks … so he should not be so arrogant to dismiss the very reason for his popularity … he needs to keep his mouth shut or it will backfire on him big time. His performance in The Strip is also “average” …
    Use your assest while you have them, or end up working in a supermarket!

  7. this will come back to bit him in the arse big time!! he will end up auditioning for people he used to work with at H&A some day and they wont touch him with a barge pole…he certainly doesnt have the talent to follow the likes of Simon Baker or Melissa George to a career in the USA so I think hes all but commited carreer suicide with these comments…..

  8. What a brat. And of course he’s now a serious actor in the Strip. Don’t make me laugh? Bobby, do yourself a favour and keep your mouth shut (and your shirt on, if you must)

  9. What stopped him from leaving in the first place?
    H&A is a soapie, and he well and truely must have known that as long as he was A) decent looking and B) had a good body, that he would have been featured ina few shirtless scenes – especially considering it is set by the beach and all

    I’m sure he’ll become a “real” actor with those amazingly well written scripts featured on The Strip…(cough cough)

  10. Wow, what a brat. He’s not even a very good actor anyway, and his performance on it takes two… well i’ve heard a better sound coming from a goose farting in a fog!

    This reaks of publicity seeking. These kids today act all hollywood and expect a hollywood career and are completely talentles. There are thousands of talented actors and writers who would love to be given the opportunity that Bobby here has had.

    Love the way you shoot your mouth off now and not have had the courage to say something before. You have managed to offend a crew of people who work very hard behind the scenes and who make the likes of you famous.

    My advice Bobby, show some maturity and class and keep your trap shut oh and learn your craft son because at the moment a turtle shows more range than you do!

  11. It’s a shame he felt this way as he really added something extra to Home and Away. The characater of Belle seems lost with out his characer Drew now, it was a shame he had to cut his time in the show short. And hey, he’s a great looking Guy! If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say. Belive me, it dosn’t last forever.

  12. schme, his body isnt that great anyway, so he shouldnt flatter himself thinking hes something special, and as far as im aware, H&A had been around for 18 years before he became involved, so he knew exactly what he was getting himself into, H&A inst shakespeare, we all know that, but its unlikely he would have landed his role on “the strip” without having got his start in Summer Bay, he should shut up and be greatful for the opportunity he was given that hundreds of other budding actors would die for!

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