Gallery: Neighbours

As is always the tradition of any good soap, Neighbours has an upcoming big romantic turn and an accident for its characters.

There’s also a guest appearance by legendary AFL coach, Tommy Hafey.

These storylines feature Libby, Dan, Elle, Declan and Ringo.

These photos from episodes in October, speak for themselves really… (some spoilers)

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  1. Looking good.
    But I do wish legendary characters such as Lou and Karl/Susan also play a big and central role in the storylines. They have been are sidelined for too too long now. Prehaps Lou could find a love interest or soemthing.

  2. I agree salty; I get what they’re trying to do since footy is such a big thing in Vic and in communities in general but Neighbours is just all over the place with it. I mean, cheerleaders? And Lucas is playing on the same team as kids in high school…

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