Ferguson moves to weekend role

A Channel Nine spokesman yesterday confirmed Mark Ferguson’s demotion from his role as Nine’s Sydney Newsreader but insisted: “He’s not being boned. He’s on the payroll. There’s no blood on the floor.”

Ferguson, whose role is to be taken by Peter Overton from Monday, will take a weekend newsreading role with Nine when he returns from leave.

The spokesman said the move was unrelated to rumours the Seven Network was trying to lure Overton.

“We just think there’s more cut-through with Peter. It’s arguable he’s the most experienced newscaster on television today.”

Meanwhile news boss John Westacott told the Sunday Telegraph, “I want to strengthen the anchor team at six o’clock, and I think we have the best chance of improving the performance with Pete on Monday to Friday and Mark on Saturday and Sunday.

“Sunday night is the biggest night of the week, so Mark’s role remains crucial to our performance, but this also gives him a chance to get out from behind the desk and report on some of the major events.”

Westacott said there was no plan to replace Overton on 60 Minutes.

The Nine spokesman said Ferguson was philosophical about his axing, adding: “Nothing is forever in television.”

Source / photo : smh.com.au, Sunday Telegraph


  1. Pehaps during an idea’s shower, a find storm appeared both with dangle and sizzle until 9 PR managed to cut through the bulls**t that is their way of presenting news. Bimbo’s and Himbo’s. Where’s Jim Waley when you need him

    The only good looking presenters viewers watch are lady presenters – in fact there’s countless (mindless and distrubing) forums about them.

    SBS WNA and NBN News has my vote.

  2. Zambora – exactly what part of “Sunday night is the biggest night of the week” is spin? It’s actual fact. Both Seven and Nine News Sunday consistently rate extremely high.

  3. Well I will make sure I tune in on the Weekends then but during the week it will be seven for me but I always make sure I watch the ABC for a complete rap up on News events around the world. The best thing about the commercial stations news is that when they put stupid stories about Paris Hilton or other stupid fashion related or celebrity rubbish, gives you more time in the kitchen preparing dinner.

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