Seven: post-Easter

When official ratings resume in the week of April 19 Seven will introduce several new shows.

No airdates have yet been released, but TV Tonight can confirm the shows in the first week back into ratings will include:

10 Years Younger in 10 Days. Sonia Kruger’s new lifestyle show premieres.

Russell Brand’s Ponderland. Brand’s UK comedy series kicks off with the episode “Family.”

Family Guy returns with “Road to Germany” episode 3 of the seventh series (see comments).

my-name-earl111My Name is Earl resumes with “The Magic Hour” ep 1 of series 4.

As previously noted Heroes is also back.

Also returning are Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Boston Legal, RSPSCA Animal Rescue, Find My Family and Sunday Night.

Continuing are Home and Away, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Lost, Private Practice, Infamous Assasinations, 24, Eli Stone.

Australia’s Got Talent has the second of its 2-part Grand Final.


  1. Pretty good line up of shows. Any news on when Dancing With The Stars will be back and if and when It Takes Two will be returning (unconfirmed rumours it will be in the later half of 09′ for ITT)

  2. so season 7 only had 2 episodes according to 7, that is completely ridiculous. just because they choose to end a show or start it does not mean that that is the season finale or premiere, people don’t like being lied to and a quick internet search will reveal the lie so they are not fooling anyone. how hard would it be to call it the series return instead of premiere, would it make any difference to viewers tuning in? no. but it would stop them being offended at 7 lying to them. stop being wankers 7 and call a spade a spade.

  3. the seasons seem to be very confusing when it comes to family guy for example season 1 dvd is actually season 1 and 2, season 2 dvd is all of season 3, season 3 dvd is some eps of season 4, season 4 dvd is the rest of season 4, season 5 dvd is some eps of season 5 , season 6 dvd is the rest of season 5 and start of season 6 and season 7 dvd is the 4 remaining episodes of season 6 and the first 9 episodes of season 7, phew!

  4. Mac it seems Seven has been ‘creative’ in their branding of the series (this becoming a habit from Seven). It’s actually S7 even though they are declaring it S8 premiere. Go figure!

  5. I’ll be watching TGYH, continuing with DH and B&S and might have a look at the Russell Brand show depending on the timeslot. Can’t say much else jumps out at me – although if they ‘promoted’ 30 Rock to a sensible timeslot then I could say that I’d be watching that too, but fat chance of that happening!

  6. i wonder how they will program this. 3x 1/2 hour shows. i wonder what will go in the 2nd half of ponderland. could earl or FG be on twice a week?

    also any word if beyond the darklands will return? after the last episode they said “back after easter” but i can’t see where all these new shows will fit. there is only really Tuesday, and Sunday 9:30 available.

  7. heaps of shows i will be watching up there. good job 7.

    can’t wait for TGYH, ponderland, earl and FG. and i’m loving criminal minds, HIMYM and scrubs.

  8. good to finally see a lineup that is not 100% crime shows and factuals. There is a lot of variety. i never expected to say this but if anything there is a comedy overload, i will never complain about that though.

    i hope it does well in the demo’s so it can show 9 and 10 (mostly 9) that it is possible to skew young without doing complete rubbish, tacky, trash programming.

  9. Pretty strong lineup IMO.

    There was also a promo for The Force just then, as well as promos for Border Security USA, the rebranded Homeland Security USA. I assume they will pop up not long after Easter.

  10. @brodie, there has been quite a big promotion for ponderland so i’m pretty sure it will be in primetime.

    very good lineup. lots of great shows in there. apart from 10 years i think i will try to watch them all. good to see earl back i thought it would be one of those comedies that ends up being forgotten about forever.

    there isn’t much competition coming from anywhere on the other networks. so this should bring 7 a lot of sucess, probably in the demo’s as well by the looks of things.

  11. quite a strong lineup. 7 seem to be the only ones that have held off shows for this time in the year. 9 and 10 have used up most of their big guns and will have a barren schedual for the rest of the year. especially 9 which has resorted to cheap factuals, clip shows, and old reality seasons.

    also looks like this is the part of the year where 7 will concentrate on their demos. it’s pretty safe to say that they the tp year in the bag already. with TGYH, ponderland, earl, FG, home and wawy, HIMYM, scrubs, DH, B&S, criminal minds, greys anatomy, ghost whisperer and private practice they should clean up the demo’s as well.

  12. Katrina,
    actually several Private Practice episodes have already aired that are only PG. So if Seven had to edit this episode from M then not much would have to be edited. Or perhaps this PG episode fell into their lap at the right time & they decided to air this instead of a Ghost Whisperer repeat.

  13. How is 7 getting away with showing Private Practice at 7.30pm this week? Surely it’s going to have to be massacred to fit into a PG timeslot (I was under the impression that M started at 8.30pm)?

  14. That lineup doesn’t look too shabby. Pleased to see Earl returning, and I am quite interested in the Russel Brand show. Thank god it isn’t packed with factuals, as it appears 9 have done with their schedule.

  15. Loving all those shows, the only quality lineup, but, why are they skipping two episodes of family guy? Missing Love Blactually and I dream of Jesus.

  16. Isn’t Family Guy in it’s 7th season?

    OMG Earl is so far behind! again another show slips through the cracks and its US season is almost over before it starts here, when will local networks learn?

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