1. Our West Australian newspaper TV guide advised today that the Japanese film – Nobody Knows – was to be shown at 9pm (WA local time), however the Thai film – The Overture – advertised to be screened at 11.30pm was on instead. Is SBS 2 broadcasting on NSW time meaning that Western Australian viewers need to deduct three hours from locally advertised programme times?

  2. We like to watch the European movies on SBS 2 at 9pm but I cannot find a guide to what you will be screening as upcoming movies, apart from just a title. Do you produce an applicable guide for future screenings ?

    Many thanks, Peter Jones

  3. SBS TWO doesn’t run like a catch-up service like ABC2.

    SBS ONE usually runs rpts in an earlier timeslot, but generally they are some months apart. From there it would probably shift to SBS TWO further down the track. You an check current info in Advance Guides.

  4. Salome…..shown on SBS 1 today, Sat Aug. 8th. Most unfortunately, I messed up and missed the first 2 hours. Will I be lucky enough to see it on SBS 2 ?
    It was from Covent Garden Opera house, London Uk and from what I saw it was a fantastic production, with the renouned SBS subtitles.

    Thank you


  5. ben rushforth

    what happened to the tour de france on sbs2, we seem to be missing out.
    It would have been nice to be informed if the tour was not going to be shown.

  6. I wonder why they are simulcasting World News Australia at 6.30pm? Surely it would be better to show alternative programming then.

  7. It actually looks like a decent lineup.

    It means viewers get a choice of two more foreign movies every night. And the movies start at 9pm so more likely to appeal to those who can’t stay up for the usual 10pm movies.

    And they already do well out of repeats on their main channel. Because a lot of people might miss the first showing.

    I think it has the potential to be one of the best digital channels. Because the quality and content is very similiar to the main channel. So it does provide genuine viewing options if someone is a regular viewer of SBS.

    Although there will be lots of repeats. And it is hard to judge the long term quality based on just the launch week.

    Also it may give them more flexibility in sports broadcasting. If they can cover more sport because it won’t be as disruptive to their regular scheduling.

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