Haven’t stopped Dancing yet

mattaAfter being trounced by MasterChef Australia last night, Seven has decided to repeat last night’s Dancing with the Stars, next Saturday afternoon at 3pm. They might have used the word ‘encore’ somewhere too, but we’ll settle with ‘repeat.’

Dancing took 1.18m, down from 1.35m the week before. Frankly, considering the competition it was actually a respectable figure.

The show will run to 5pm.


  1. I agree with Tepee. Daryl and Sonia’s chemistry worked really well. He was slow and dimwitted and she was zany and witty. Now she just looks tired and jaded. Must be all the work and personal problems weighing her down. McPherson is just a muppet. He’s like someone hosting a show at the local Westfield school holiday show. Boring.

  2. Your forgetting bigkev that RAOC runs from 6.30pm-7.30pm so it’s numbers should’ve have been down whil DWTS competed with Masterchef in it’s second hour.

  3. I don’t see why this is necessary. The ratings as David said were good considering MC – obviously DWTS’s grasp of the oldies is extremely strong.

    Although I did catch a few minutes last week and the show was just a complete “mess”, as bigkev accurately described. In particular Daniel’s hosting is terrible and while Sonia two years ago was sharp-tongued and quick-witted she seems to have melted into a bumbling idiot. In comparison to MasterChef the whole production comes off as quite inferior – reeking of cheapness, gaudiness; playing on that awful blind man gimmick; and cross-promoting every other show on Seven. To think that I was a fan only last year… (LOL I realise this comment has turned into a bit of a rant which wasn’t my intial intention!)

  4. Ummmmm…… you are all backing the masterchef reason for why DWTS failed last night. I watched DWTS and it was appalling…. the dancing, the Z-list celebrities, that little penthouse pet dancing with the blind guy makes my stomach turn…….

    look at the figures for Random Acts Of Kindness….. held well……….

    I will never tune into the excrutiating mess that channel seven delivers…..

  5. And 9 should do the same for 60 minutes – how can they be happy with the figure it got? Especially considering the money they spent on the Jamie Neale exclusive.

    Thinking Tue 7.30 a good time as a repeat of 60 minutes will do better than Dance Your A Off.

  6. Rob must have been a popular guy amoung the cast. A lot of them, including Daniel McPherson seemed genuienly dissapointed that he was eliminated. He was certainly one of the reasons I was watching this season.

  7. DWTS: 6:30-7:30 = 1,355,000
    DWTS/bones 7:30-9:00 = 1,027,000

    so that is not a figure to be disappointed with but this encore will be worth it. the 2nd half had all the good bits.

    how can rob leave and fiona still be there?

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