Home & Away catch-up

handaSeven has quietly slated a Home and Away marathon this Saturday on 7HD.

This week’s episodes will rescreen from 12pm on Saturday arvo.

Given this isn’t a common practice, presumably it’s to counteract the final week of MasterChef Australia which has elminations through to Thursday.

TEN’s show is quite likely to be nudging the 2m mark for most of the week.

No doubt Seven will be thrilled when the finale is wrapped.


  1. Could Somone please explain, I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I couldn’t understand what the situation about Belle’s Illness was about. I understand she had an addiction problem, but what is her illness?

  2. The Masterchef is now down to two final contestants.

    By the way who except for teenagers or those of us sick of 2.5 men watch Home and Away these days?.

    No what they really need is a good quality teen drama from America or Canada.

  3. @ Kenny – in that market with 2 commercial stations only, the best solution is one channel that affiliates with 7, and the other mixed 9 and 10, but these days mostly ch 10 programming is better quality than 9. Sounds like a good move for people out there. They should do the same in central Aus as well.

  4. No!! No “celebrity” version of Master Chef. Please. Go to a new series with real people asap.
    Interesting that WIN WA has just started Master Chef, and Merlin, replacing even more Nine Network programming.

  5. lol I see a copy cat. Ten did this for Neighbours on TenHD so Seven are now doing it.

    And yes Bre, Ten used to do the Neighbours catch up on TenHD before it went to all Sports HD channel.

  6. So if Seven HD are having a Home & Away marathon this Saturday from midday, what is happening to the Saturday Disney replay that is usually on around then? If it has been dropped there will be a lot of unhappy kids.

    By the way, with the catch up marathon, isn’t that something Ten used to do on their HD channel with their soap Neighbours before it came an all sports channel?

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