Nine releases GO! schedule

Fringe4Nine has released its new schedule for GO!, its youth channel set to begin on August 9th.

With its mix of mostly US shows it will be a chance for television fans to soak up missing titles, or sample favourites they have only ever heard about.

Many of the US programmes such as Fringe, Gossip Girl, Moonlight, The Big Bang Theory, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Eleventh Hour begin from their pilot episode.

Additional titles that have not received any earlier press include TMZ at 11am / 7:30pm weeknights, and The ARIA Music Show to run from 1am – 7am daily.

With its 12 hour block programming, many evening titles will screen with a next day repeat, as per pay television models (alas prime time repeats in the day are from GO! not Nine).

Programmed not to conflict with Nine’s audience, there are plenty of tempting titles on offer. Prime time viewing is as follows:

6:00 Seinfeld
6:30 Wipeout Australia
7:30 The Big Bang Theory (4 eps)
9:30 Aliens in America
10:00 The New Adventures of Old Christine
10:30 Movie: National Lampoon’s Vacation

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Dog The Bounty Hunter (2 eps)
9:30 Neighbours at War (2 eps)
10:30 Bad Lad’s Army

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Survivor: Gabon
9:30 The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman
10:30 The Bachelorette

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
9:30 Fringe
10:30 Eleventh Hour

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Gossip Girl
9:30 Moonlight
10:30 The Hills

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 CSI
9:30 CSI: Miami
10:30 CSI: NY

6pm Seinfeld (3 eps)
7:30 Dance Your Ass Off
8:30 CSI
9:30 CSI: Miami
10:30 CSI: NY
11:30 Movie: American Outlaws

Additional titles during the day include Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Nanny, Just Shoot Me, Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, The Jetsons, Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Marine Boy, Thunderbirds, Scooby Doo and more (note: some are weekends only).

The channel can be seen on Channel 99 from 7am Sunday August 9th, and will screen on WIN and NBN.

As per TV Tonight Advance Guides, you can download the entire grid in Excel here: GO! SUNDAY August 09, 2009



  1. Instead of AFHV why not show an old ep of Hey Hey each night?

    Also how about some Australian classics like Matlock Police,Sullivans etc if Nine have the rights.

  2. Am I reading this right…two 60 min slots of non-repeat Funniest Home Videos every weekday? Yeesh! Either they’ve got a lot of spare material or they’re going to be repackaging like crazy…

  3. Kenny – From what I’ve read around the place, WIN will have GO! on Channel 80 in SD, before moving it to 88 around October and returning WIN HD to 80.

  4. I like the Seinfield schedule.. only, will they still air it on 9HD, because It’d be a waste to show the cropped WS HD version in SD, may aswell put on the original 4:3

  5. I think a certain Kirben may be happy with the lineup, particularly the expansion of Kids WB, to a full length Sunday morning, and a extra two GO-only hours on Saturday (to make .

    And yes, the Teen Titans/Xiaolin Showdown duo is intact, and screening twice a day.

    As for the idea of running Funniest Home Videos every weeknight at 6pm, there will be a time, where they will run out of 1hr eps to screen in that slot.

  6. Jezza, if you are confused then so am I. Here in local WIN territory, Wollongong NSW, we’re getting the analogue WIN channel on WIN SD Digital and bits of this & that on WINHD. Neither a set top box or new HD TV can find any other WIN channel. So, will GO be on WINHD in SD or……..what???? Anyone know? Don’t try calling WIN Wollongong. The one switch girl has to handle too much, including visitors and their i98 radio station, and the phone constantly rings out unanswered. Was there the other day. It looked like Aldi queues and Optus phone system.

  7. Yes I saw the HD liner too. I suspect it is a typo from old Guides. Looking into this next week.

    IMO: Minimum you need is a set top box, but if you’re getting one then go all the way and get an HD Set Top Box.

  8. With no set top box, Foxtel digital only, and an analogue TV, can someone please tell me the minimum I need to do to watch this channel. I haven’t had the need to upgrade yet, and I really only want to now so I can watch Survivor.

  9. David, on the Advance Guide some programs say HD next to them, does this mean they will be on 9HD at the same time – i hope show , Do you know?

    Overall i really like this lineup and even so i wont be watching every show on Go it really looks good but the only problem i have is that Channel 9 said if shows don’t work out good on 9 that they will move them to GO, But where?, 8:30-11:30pm Weekdays looks full to me unless they wait until those shows are over unless they are going to stick them at 11:30pm or on the weekend because i can not see 9 moving a show to GO at 7:30pm then they would not be showing TMZ and Seinfeld which i guess would’nt be that bad.

    Also on the ACA preview on Youtube 2:36 into it, the girl with the purple top, does anyone know what show she is from?

  10. What impresses me most is the classics. Scooby Doo,Starsky & Hutch,Charlie’s Angels,Jetsons,Bewitched!!! Damn Go! looks fabbo!

    That and two nights of three hours of CSI.

    Nice work Nine!

  11. Unless Foxtel actually puts this channel on straight away, the good ol’ VCR is gonna be getting a workout. It’ll feel like the 90’s all over again!

  12. The dirty bastards have put survivor on when Packed to the Rafters is on. Hate nine even more now. Why can’t they put it on at 7.30 on any night besides Mon/Tues!!!

  13. Looks good. I think ARIA music will be popular. Could end up being extended until 8am for those who like music in the morning.

    Will Go! 99 be available on Foxtel Digital?

  14. This schedule is an uninspired approach to programing.

    The content is fine, but the grid has the feel of a poorly conceived dumping ground and not a well structured schedule designed to draw in a solid viewership.

    4 episodes back to back of The Big Bang Theory on a Sunday night? Really? Love the show, but a Sunday night should offer more.

  15. Hmm, TMZ was originally on Arena until september last year. Good to see it back on australian tv screens.

    Any word on whether Go will be on Foxtel from start up? Or is it going to be a few months before we see it, Did One appear on Iq2 when that channel started up for cable subscribers?

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