Returning: Eureka

eurekaSlipping quietly into TEN’s upcoming schedules is the return of Eureka, the 2006 series from SciFi set in a town inhabited almost entirely by geniuses.

It was last airing on TEN HD (y’know in the days when they had drama in high def too?).

It’s back in late night screenings 12am Friday July 24th (Thursday night).

It returns with the episode “Bad to the Drone?” S3E01 which aired in the US last July

TEN will also be repeating Californication in a late night slot too.



  1. Did Ten air Eureka or not? I set my dvr for Thursday 11.55pm and recoreded for 2 hours… no Eureka 🙁
    I think I may have to find it online, as I had to with BSG Fringe, TSCC and SGA.

  2. So Eureka is replacing the In Plain Site then, I was kind of hoping Ten would continue straight on with Season Two, oh well I did like Eureka as well, so at least I can leave my HD Recorder set to keep on recording then.

  3. @Craig I have the Channel BT version of Season 5 but for some reason the DVD’s like to have a month or two delay after the US so I can’t yet get them (well without stupid DVD region protection).

    I do like to watch it on the TV though in some vain attempt to show to Channel Seven that people do watch it and they shouldn’t treat it like crap.

    SGU is gonna get put at like 3am I can just see it now 🙁

  4. excellent, i enjoyed this show on 10HD however i didn’t like it enough to buy the dvd and i avoid downloading as much as i can so i was going to miss out on this show entirely, but now i’ll be able to watch it. does this give us any hope for an eventual smallville season 8 airing?

  5. Hey

    David if you check your amendments you will see Eureka actually returns the week before on Thursday 23rd at midnight and will be episode one of the same season.

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