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3rset Feast your eyes on the sparkly look of Three Rivers, the new medical drama from CBS, due to screen on TEN later this year.

Starring our very own Alex O’Loughlin and The L Word‘s Katherine Moennig, the set for Three Rivers Regional Medical Center is so big they cut holes in the wall between Paramount stages 19 and 20 just to accommodate it.

It looks so sleek you could almost be forgiven for thinking it was straight out of Lie to Me or some sort of Newsroom. But this ultra mod room has a maroon floor, warm green and yellow walls and huge TV monitors everywhere. Hospital rooms are designed to resemble a luxury hotel in an effort to calm patients’ nerves.

The pilot will reportedly no longer air as the first episode, with a new premiere episode now in production.

TEN promises the series from late September.

Source: Post Gazette


  1. I’ve seen the Pilot and was very impressed. It seems Alex O’Loughlin, will do to Organ Donationing, what he did to Blood Donationing, get people to think more about it and participate, which is a great thing.

  2. They seem to pumping money and resources into this new show. I am eager to see it and love that Alex is getting another crack at a lead role in a TV series.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see Kate Moening in a different performance (hopefully) from that nonchalant, blaze, washed out performance she always did in L Word. Dont get me wrong she was cool, but kind of one note towards the end

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