sevenlogoPLUS7, 7PLUS, or even 7TWO?

Seven’s new digital channel appears to be inching closer.

Last Friday Seven lodged new trademark names with IP Australia, raising speculation that its new channel is on the way.

That’s where the name of GO! appeared when it was first leaked by TV Tonight.

Seven is now the only Free to Air broadcaster not to have added a new digital channel to the Freeview suite of channels. The network has previously indicated has settled on its market, but even execs at Nine and TEN are still guessing as to which way Seven will move.

Guess they decided against 7ELEVEN…

So let’s have some feedback. Which name do you prefer?

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  1. 7plus Disney
    7plus Discovery
    7plus ESPN
    7plus BBC
    7plus Lifestyle
    7plus MTV
    7plus National Geographic
    7plus SciFi
    7plus E!
    7plus Playboy haha

    and so on, anymore ??

  2. And there is the very real possibility that 7 will go one up on 9 by still having some 7HD breakaways and HD specials on top, which would make them the first channel to air 3 shows at once, followed by ABC when ABC3 starts in November or so.

  3. I’d hardly call 7 a 24 hour channel with 3 hours of infomercials over night, same with 9 and 10. Not to mention additional informercail content in their 9am shows.

    The only true 24 hour channels are ONE HD, ABC1 and GO – although the music overnight on GO is repeated every 3 hours. Still, much better than informercials.

  4. Seven still owns the names:
    -ondigital (logo is bold ‘on’ and standard ‘digital’)
    -7 NEXT (and Seven NEXT)
    -7breakaway (pending)

    Hard to tell which one it will be (if any of these)

  5. as long as C7 don’t have infomercials or a morning show i will watch most any content they feed me. The moment they fill my diet with the staple channel 7 hours of infomercials that takes up most of the daily programming slots i’ll be gone and the channel will be deleted forever.

  6. tasmanian devil

    @Paull, 49 is 7 squared, not 77.
    @Michael, what is the point of wasting a HD channel on news? News is on the radio- which has no picture at all!
    @ Russell and V Man, don’t forget that the main channel is on digital as well, so 7 Digital or 7D wouldn’t be suitable.
    @J Bar, 7TOO is definitely not clever. I have no idea why you think it is.
    @Jane, 24/7 would also be unsuitable for the same reason- the main channel is on 24/7 as well.
    I like the name Redroom/Red Room, but not RedRoom and certainly not redROOM.
    As for the content, I like the idea of a lifestyle channel.
    About time Seven got its act together!

  7. 7PLUS sounds way better than 7TWO or PLUS7 and seeing all these comments, we all don’t want time-shifted. I actually hope this can be a channel where the 10:30 and 11:00pm bumped shows like Heroes, 24 and Lost will air in decent primetime slots. Also, still remembering their annual New Years package, they have a lot of shows still to air and if Seven is full, to put the shows here because general entertainment would challenge GO! and clear up their sched. Also, shows such as Ugly Betty which haven’t warranted numbers over 1 million and Family Guy should be in good timeslots for the future channel. And for everyone else, why not some classics in the daytime and movies at night – it would be a channel to beat GO! and ONEHD.

  8. 7 +plus is fine by me. I truly hope that the channel will the general entertainment and incorporate:

    **Crawfords Australia programming – eg. Homicide, Cop Shop, Division 4, Holiday Island, (probably not ‘The Sullivans’ and ‘Division 4’ as they were Nine’s), Skyways, Solo One, Young Ramsay and Matlock Police
    **Grundys material eg. old Seven game shows (eg New Price is Right, Family Feud) and series (eg. Bellamy, Sons and Daughters, Class of 74) etc

    Apart from WIN, the major networks have shown little interest in Crawford Classics.

  9. 7Teen – That way everyone will know who it’s aimed at and not expect more than the endless repeats of dreadful sitcoms, mindless reality shows and moronic music VJs it will mostly be showing.

    If GO! is what Nine think 14-39 year-olds want to watch I shudder to think how Seven will treat them.

  10. Redroom will be their Internet On-Demand service, showing all their recently screened programming and new previews. This is set to tie in with Yahoo! and whatnot.
    As for the channel name, it could be anything, but it doesn’t matter as long as the programming is okay.

    For the Red/room logo, click ELI

  11. LOL @ Knowfirst

    I hope this means that I can finally watch Heroes at a decent hour. Here’s a Channel 7 idea: have sunrise all day! Sunrise, the Morning Show, Lunchtime, THISafternoon…oh wait, probably better if that doesn’t happen.

    As for names, I did like Red Room (Rabbit3) myself, even if it would be a little unsuitable for a channel full of Disney shows.

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