Sonia Kruger, Todd McKenney radio show axed

stThe breakfast radio show by Dancing with the Stars‘ Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney is no more after the two reached a “mutual” agreement with Mix 106.5 today.

“After consultation with Sonia and Todd, a mutual decision has been reached and they will be moving on from ARN to pursue their careers elsewhere,” the Australian Radio Network said.

McKenney would be leaving to take up other opportunities “immediately”, while Kruger would remain at the station for the time being but not in on-air role.

In the last survey released this week, they held just a 3.3 per cent audience share of the Sydney market, way down from their predecessor’s figures.

An announcement about a permanent replacement will be made towards the end of next week, an ARN spokesman said.

Meanwhile former Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands is keeping his 2DAY FM job following a meeting with management this morning.

Sandilands will undergo counselling following his two controversial radio incidents, remaining on suspension until October 7th.

Source: AAP / The Australian


  1. Well I love the mix radio station after moving when other really good presenters left their radio station. But you know what having lost Sammy and then Sonia & Todd & Andy… i got a laugh out of them all everyday, the light side of humour …. but these 2 that are on now, I can’t stand them; i thought they were temporaries and persevered up until now when i realised that they are permanent, well guys, I think you have it all wrong, and need to tune them out. Either i am getting way too old for these ones that are on now, no humour .. have not laughed one bit, but i am sure someone must like them, even having Bruno on doesnt help .. sorry.

    I tune in else where now until 9am and then come back as I love all the other presenters and the music selection. I loved Sonia and Todd. They were so funny. I looked forward to their show everyday.

    Miss the Sammys, the Sonias & Todds of the world. I laughed out loud all the time which is a great way to start the day. Good bye Sonia and Todd, good luck in whatever you may do .. i am sure you will be sorely missed.

  2. When is Sammy Power coming back to Sydney? I haven’t enjoyed listening to the radio during my early morning commute to work since she left mix. I really tried to give Sonia & Todd a chance and they were OK but the latest duo sound like a couple of 15 yr olds in the school playground. (Maybe I’m just too old) anyway I keep scanning the stations and end up hitting the CD button. Whats wrong with MIX why can’t you get it that Sydney wants Sammy to return.

  3. I can’t believe that Sonia & Todd will not be on the radio anymore. I went on holidays and when I got back and didn’t hear them and thought they were on holidays. It’s really sad to hear that we will not be hearing their funny jokes or comments. They really did make the morning journey to work somewhat enjoyable and something to look forward to. You will be missed guys.

  4. Lisa from CT USA

    I loved Sonia and Todd. They were so funny. I looked forward to their show everyday. I just thought they went on vacation and lo and behold their show is not on anymore. They made a great team and the skits they did were too funny. I will miss them. Sonia truly is a good person and Todd was so funny. I laughed out loud all the time. Good bye Sonia and Todd, I hope you will be back on the radio someday. If you do let me know and I will listen :O)

  5. Bring the Queen of radio back to Mix. Bribe, Beg, Plead, Pay, “Just get her Back here” where she belongs (in Sydney.not Queensland!!!!) Sammy Power was the Heart of Breakfast radio and Mix were crazy to let her go!!!

  6. i am not sorry to hear sonia and todd have left there was no spark they sounded drab you need happinessand fun light hearted when listening to radio all day at work yes bring back sammy power the voices are the key to morning radio we will have to wait and see how the new couple come up to scratch if this doesn’t pan out how about all music in the morning at least or bring back sammy power
    there is allways laughter in her voiceeven if it has a serious side this is the person you need to listen to in the morning and another person like her

  7. I cant believe it the only thing that made getting up early to go to work was listening to Todd and Sonia have been waiting for them to return only to see all the crap comments above. Life is tough enough without starting each day with gloom and doom. How about getting a sense of humour and brighten yourselves up no wonder the whole place is so pathetic. Have a laugh it will do you good may even brighten you up a bit stop taking everything you hear seriously this world can do without loosers and that is exactly the impression you give by complaining about people who just want to make you smile. I and many many others will miss them unfortunately the happy people dont seem to waste time complaining and sitting on sites bagging others get a life before it is too late. The best comment i heard about all this was how sad someone was and that they were upset as they didnt get much time with them. (Todd & Sonia)

  8. About time. I’m sorry for Sonia and Todd at a personal level but I tried to include them in my home every morning for a couple of years(that long?) till I had to go in search of another breakfast companion.

    Why not have a show based on clean fun, positives and only light controversies… we’ll still get the news, after all. Yes, it’s not cerebral stuff and it’s not going to get the full adrenalin going like being king-hit. But hey, there’s a big audience out there with kids listening from early ’till late in the morning and smut shouldn’t be on the menu. Plus, what about a whole heap of really interesting and up to date music mixed with intelligent, entertaining interviews? Now that would be exciting!

  9. Its about time !!!
    All three are so full of themselves. Listeners need to wake up and realise that there is much more to life than listening to morons push their own barrows.
    I couldn’t stand any of them.

  10. I agree with [email protected], Sammy and Jason were rating 7+ during their stint at Mix and look what Mix did to them. They must be having a laugh now. No promotional support, no management support and no money spent on advertising – a imperfect mix for success.

    Better still the account managers at Mix didn’t hear about Sonia & Todd being sacked from Mix they heard it from clients asking about rumours ! Too funny and too typical.

  11. Didn’t like Sammy, while I love Sonia, didn’t like her on radio. Here’s a novel idea: how about a radio station that just played music in the morning! I’d listen to that!

  12. Maybe Sydney listeners have seen the light, so called personalities do not make radio presenters as Bass put it .
    Plus “I for one” are sick of the egos of these folks demanding to be the centre of the universe – give me freebies, let me attend premieres, give me publiciity, but never ever say anything bad about me when I stuff up.

  13. From what I read, it was Kyle boasting at the airport that he’d be back on the air next week. It wasn’t confirmed by the station, so it was just him trying to talk himself up. Now, I’m excited to see his next big cock-up, the one that will well and truly send him off the airwaves.

  14. Kyle: More like strike two.

    Todd and Sonia: I guess as one person here said last year, “Dance stumbles”.

    Hopefully they can coax Andrew Denton out of retirement.

  15. So Kyle gets off again, after some counseling he’s back on air, yet again!
    How many sponsors will it take to withdraw before they wake up and dump the loser.

  16. The disgraceful dismissal of Sammy Power was always going to come back and bite them on the bum. Sonia I could tolerate but Todd really brought the show down.

  17. I read elsewhere that Kyle was back on air next week but would be without pay until Oct 7th, can you confirm David?

    As for Sonia and Todd; Todd is an absolute Ass, I can’t stand listening to his voice; or seeing his face.

    Sonia is good looking but everytime you see her on air its like she wants to make it the “Sonia Kruger” show and nothing else matters.

  18. I wonder if it will be the same sort of “counselling” that Sam Newman got. I mean Sam seems to be a completely changed man now….

  19. [email protected]

    Sorry for Todd and Sonia, nice people I’m sure, but the show was boring. My old mate Sammy Power must be having a chuckle over this news as their rating points were just about half of Sam’s 2 yrs ago.
    Kyle? Must be up to life # 9 by now…