Airdate: Survivor: Tocantins

ProbstLookout, Jeff’s back on GO! after all.

Survivor: Tocantins will premiere on GO! at 8:30pm Tuesday November 3rd.

The 18th season set in the Brazilian Highlands will kick off with a two hour premiere, followed by The Bachelorette at 10:30pm.

The season aired in the US in February, while Survivor: Samoa is currently on air in the US.

One reader has suggested fans should look away from ads for the upcoming 3 hour marathons on GO! (Oct 20 & 27) with suggestions it may show key moments from Tribal Council.

Tocantins coming to GO! wipes out Nine’s earlier advice to advertisers that it would air on Nine in summer.


  1. Thank goodness they are showing the seasons in the right order. I’ll be staying away from all US Survivor sites.

    Ch 9 must be listening for once.

  2. @Jed I believe he didn’t make the cut. There are a few ‘three-peaters’ in the rumoured cast, but there’s some great characters from the old seasons and the recent ones. It should be a cracker, Micronesia is still my favourite season out of them all. And I’ve watched from the start.

  3. Does the 2 hour premiere point towards GO wanting to show both Tocantins and Samoa over summer so that they catch up to the US and can air Survivor: Heroes vs Villains (the upcoming season 20 All-Stars) starting in February at the same time it is shown in the US?

  4. “Tocantins coming to GO! wipes out Nine’s earlier advice to advertisers that it would air on Nine in summer.”

    IIRC 9 give hints to their summer schedule every year and they always turn out to be a red herrings. last year they said they would air pushing daisies, chuck and survivor:Gabon during the summer.

  5. LOL, looks like Go!’s programming is turning into Nine’s disaster of a programming department. I wish they’d stick it on Nine and then air it on Go!. Then that way people without digital can at least see a Survivor season. How long has it been since Nine even aired a Season of Survivor? (minus Gabon on Go!)

  6. So what about the people who don’t have a digital ready telly yet? Just whatever trash they decide to throw on for maybe 1 ep or 2 then a repeat…whatever

  7. That reader is correct. The ads for the 3 hour episode show scenes from the final Tribal Council (which doesn’t even air in those 3 episodes), ruining the show. They really have no clue, do they?

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