1. ten are apparently surprised at the result of idol, so i read. im surprised too, pretty good figure for a show everyone is calling to be axed, also won in ten’s 3 key demos. Now they just need to revamp the show again!

  2. 60 Minutes is in a fair bit of trouble. Not surprising given the drop in standards, and a selection of stories which are no where near as interesting as those on Sunday Night.

    Absolutely no hype surrounding Idol this year. Not surprised with the lackluster ratings, and I doubt we’ll even remember the name ‘Stan’ beyond the new year.

    Really enjoyed the Twenty20 last night, surprised it rated so low.

  3. People keep saying how meaningless Idol is.. Sure this year wasnt up to scratch. If they fix the show and find some great contestants then people will watch. It was a great finale last night, somethings epically failed but it was good. Better than last years finale.

    TBYG shouldve rated higher.

  4. thanks david. forgot about those channels. boy do ten need to bring forward their new channel! 24 hr sport is doing nothing for them! they should have had the sport channel as their second channel and done something else with hd

  5. Im shocked. I expected the cricket to be the number 1 show last night. I just thought it would rate. I bet 9 are disappointed. Im sure they hoped for better figures.

    Im really enjoying sunday night. Glad it’s coming back. They had two great stories last night with Kurt Fearnley and Jim Stynes.

    Anyway is this the last offical week of ratings? Im guessing so with all the shows finishing. Hate this time of the year when there is nothing to watch.

  6. i find it strange 9 beat ten so much considering ten beat them 6.30-7.30, and also beat them 8.30-10 pm with the 10pm figure 300,000 more than any of nine’s shows

  7. Ouch for 60 Minutes, thrashed by Sunday Night, 3rd in it’s timeslot with under 1 million viewers. 2009 has been an epic decline for the former powerhouse.

    lol at Ten and their breakdown of the Idol Finale. No amount of spin will hide the fact this season has been nothing short of an absolute faliure. Annihilated in total people and beaten in the demos for the majority of the year, yet Mott spins the whole season on the back of the finale figures – which are well down on last years. I don’t think advertisers will be so blind when reviewing Idol.

  8. Allie as the other post indicates Idol peaked at 1.71m so that would be a better reflection of those who may have tuned in for a momentary glimpse. 1.47m is average for the final 20 minutes. But I concur with the tactics of splitting into 3 parts.

  9. Re Ch 10, I was one of those final 2 min channel flickers for Idol, too long drawn out to watch it for 2hrs ++. Strange way of audience counting however.

    Ch7’s ‘Sunday Night’ was very good as usual,

    Ch9’s Twenty/20 All Star cricket was pretty entertaing too.

    ABC’s Samson and Delilah didn’t do as well as I thought it would but perhaps people taped it.

    We shouldn’t be complaining about the variety of programmes available on FTA on Sundays.

  10. the cricket clearly beat idol by a fai way if you ask me. 1.1 million isn’t a great figure for a finale. i can garuntee 1 thing.10 wont change this show around either

  11. 1.4M for winner announced means almost nothing. That means 200K people watched it for 5 minutes, tops. 1.2M for the finale show is about what I thought it would get, considering Idol’s rating woes this season. It rated a consistent 850-900K the whole season, so an extra 300K curious on the evening sounds about right. It may win key demos, but is that enough to justify its huge rating costs? Can Channel 10 really be that cavalier with the way it spends money? The sponsors of the show aren’t really being given the best bang for their buck. Terrible numbers for 60 Minutes final show of the season.

  12. Idol was a really well produced show last night. Probably the best it’s ever been. Buble was dreamy!

    Pretty good numbers too considering the weekly average. A show that can average a mill each week even after 7 years deserves a bit more respect than it gets from the h8ters who’ll no doubt comment after me.

  13. so Idol hovers around the 900,000 mark all season with most of the public and industry declaring it dead yet for the finale it gets roughly an additional half a million more people to tune in and boost its ratings thereby justifying ten’s decision to bring it back next year…. so all that bitching throughout the year just went to waste !!

  14. Ten separating Idol into three “shows” when it was, in fact, one single show, well, that just shows how meaningless this whole size contest really is.

    I honestly don’t know why any of you care. Unless you work in the ad industry. In which case you should tell you bosses that, in the words of Johnny Rotten, they should by now have gotten the feeling they’re being cheated.

  15. …I have to say, Idol did better than what I thought it would. I thought the show would only get around 1mil for The Winner Announced, and around 850-950k for the other segments.

    Still, for its ratings throughout the series I don’t feel sorry for TEN. They completely destroyed the format this year. Yes, it was good for them to try something new, but their execution was just horrendous.

    Next year Idol needs to be back on two nights a week, on a weeknight, and the elimination show cut down to 30 mins.

  16. Sunday Night was #1 in Adelaide, although i’m completely against chequebook journalism.

    As for the Idol figure, i’m going to only acknowledge the 1.1 million which is terrible for an Idol finale. The 1.4 million for winner announced could be people who flicked over for 2 minutes while they announced the winner. No doubt Ten will be claiming the 1.4 million though, even though it would only include 2 mins of announcing the winner. And TEN still came 3rd.

    And loved the references to Firefly and Buffy last night in Castle, i was cracking up, and me mum had no idea why i was laughing.

  17. Aussie Idol did well. It increased from all of this season, but obviously down on previous years. I thought that Ten’s share was to be a little better though.

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