The Marriage Ref: clip

And here’s your look at a clip of The Marriage Ref, the US series Jerry Seinfeld is launching in the US.

The series starts there after the Olympics in March.

Seven has the rights to both the US and a local version, but there’s also the possibility it may even hold off showing the Jerry Seinfeld format if there is a risk it sets a high benchmark for a local version.

Is the idea of Alec Baldwin giving marital advice just a tad ironic?


  1. can we mix up the local version with a show like cheaters, and see what the celebrities think about the cheating, depending on the circumstances… Or switch it, a panel of nobodies deciding who is right out of celebrities – or even better, politicians!

  2. I think the show will be huge. Madonna, Eva Longoria, Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Short and more are already confirmed panelists.

  3. I agree what are ch7 afraid of the local version won’t match the US for the star power? ’cause lets face it the big reason we tune into shows like this is not the couple but the celebrities. Looking at the clip it could actually be good, the US version. maybe they should air the US one next month, if it rates then air the local in the 2nd half of the year? Other wise well be upsetting Roy Billing again LOL

  4. A high benchmark for a local version ?
    What is that saying exactly ? They are afraid the Australian version will not live up to the American version ? ,They don’t believe they can produce something that will rate as much ??
    and until they work that out we will always have Seinfeld reruns !!

  5. ummmm…i really don’t know what to say?

    a local version would go crap. i can just tell

    and ch 7 are scared the US version would set a high benchmark…they’re crazy!!

    i mean, go on jerry springer…now that’s how you settle a marriage dispute

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