Auditions: Junior MasterChef

Ok kids, if you’re aged 8 -12  (as of May 3rd) then get a parent or guardian to help you fill out an online application for Junior MasterChef.

Applications are now open for the series to be filmed later this year by Shine Australia (Elisabeth Murdoch’s company leased the MasterChef rights to FremantleMedia prior to establishing an Australian wing… there is a good interview with her in today’s

The junior version of the hit reality series will relace the Celebrity MasterChef off-shoot for 2010.

Given the young nature of the contestants, the official website is painstaking in its language, so as not to dash too many junior hopes too harshly:

“You need to be prepared to take some criticism (the judges may like some of what you cook, but there is also a chance they may not like other things about it).”

“The most important thing to remember is that many thousands of Australian kids will apply to be on Junior Masterchef and we value every single application we receive. Unfortunately there are only a very limited number of places available in the TV show – so don’t be disappointed if you’re not invited to an audition this year – please keep on enjoying your cooking as much as we do and we hope you and your family enjoy the series when it’s on TV later in the year.”

“Don’t be upset if they choose someone else’s though – they can’t put everyone through to the next round.”

Key dates are:

Round 1: The initial round of Auditions for successful applicants will be held in major cities in Australia throughout mid May.

Round 2: 2nd round of auditions in Sydney over the period 9th – 13th of July.

Round 3: If the candidate successful 4 – 5weeks of filming in our Masterchef studio in Sydney during the period mid July to end of August 2010.

Shine appears to have been so carried away with the prospect of thousands of entries it has neglected to indicate what the prize is!

You can apply here!

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  1. TV Tonight is a blog and has no involvement in auditions or casting.

    This site is not Channel TEN.

    Refer to links for all enquiries. Good luck.

  2. hi my name is marya an im 12 and i enjoy cooking alot and i hope i get chosen i learnt alot over the previous episodes. please please please please

  3. where is the show made i want to do it but if i have to go on a plane i dont know if i can?
    e-mail me back