Auditions: Red Faces

Hey Hey has announced auditions beginning March 20th.

These are the only auditions planned at this stage. Here is the information you need to know:

Don’t be shy – Dust off the tap shoes, polish the spoons, tune the tonsils and dry clean the chicken suit …we’re after the Weird, the wacky and the wonderful!

If you make the cut:
• return flights to Melbourne and
• accommodation are provided,
• plus meet Daryl, Plucka and the Gang (but Red might ignore you!) …
• Each act wins win a minimum of $500!

The winner each week gets $2000.

Just email [email protected] and tell us what you do and what city you’re in, and we’ll get back with an audition time.

Auditions: (daytime)

Adelaide: Saturday March 20
Brisbane Sunday March 21
Sydney Saturday March 27
Melbourne Sunday March 28


  1. I can’t wait for Hey hey to come back.
    If your not a fan, and don’t like the show, it’s very simple… don’t watch it! no one is going to hold a gun to your head…

  2. *sighs* there’s always some smart a** comment. I for one can’t wait for hey hey to come back. all this p.c b.s is giving me the sh*ts

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