Shatner & Lin Yu Chun: Total Eclipse of the Heart

William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun duetting on Total Eclipse of the Heart?


Clip comes from Lopez Tonight.

‘Nuff said.


  1. @ craig – that is brilliant idea for a dedicated channel on cable. It’s surprising a Talk Show channel doesn’t already exist. You should pitch the idea to Foxtel.

  2. @Mike Silvester – really, that shocker was released in ’83? Gosh, I could have sworn it was a ’70’s atrocity! My memory is playing tricks on me. My bad, thanks for setting me straight! Hands down, the absolute worst song of the 80’s, then!! 🙂

  3. No George Lopez here but yes we need someone to start a talk show network, with all the ones in the US, and other countries I’m sure they can easily fill 24 hours, then show re-runs on the weekends.

    Is it sad I kind of like the song and have it on my iPod LOL can you buy this version on iTunes yet?

  4. Hands down the absolute Worst song of the 70’s, a total kitsch-fest but they made such an atrocious song bearable by sending it up. Lin’s voice is totally amazing, as is that pudding basin haircut! Personally, I think he’s a bigger find than SuBo.

    For a total “what the hell?” experience, I highly recommend listening to William Shatner’s version of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, which he recorded back in the ’60’s at the height of his Star Trek fame. It gives new meaning to It’s So Bad, It’s Good, it is so diabolical and I don’t mean that in a good way. What’s with George Lopez’s voice? He sounds like he’s chewing on rusty nails.

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