Returning: The Bachelorette

Season 6 of The Bachelorette is coming to GO!

25 eligible men, including a real estate investor, a lawyer, a TV weatherman and an entertainment wrestler, will try and win the heart of Ali Fedotowsky (pictured)

It premieres 9:30pm Wednesday June 23rd.

Meanwhile The Bachelor: London Calling begins 8:30pm Tuesday June 8th.


  1. GO do love to change their schedule around a lot don’t they! one minute one shows on one day, the next its moved to another and so on. they used to love to have ‘themed’ nights, Wednesday being sci-fi but now not anymore (Chuck is a comedy), V and Terminator are finishing up their seasons. and they used to have their comedy night on sundays which changed to tuesdays but now its all changed. I can’t see why they feel they need to have a mixed schedule.

    Community and Inbetweeners could have stayed on tuesdays, Eastwick could have been moved to mondays 8:30 to replace Vamp Diaries till it returns. Hells Kitchen should have stayed on Nine, Bachelor/Bachelorette could have followed eastwick on mondays when nip/tuck finishes or even gone to thursdays when ER finishes, who needs Big Bang on thursday as well as sunday, get rid of the thursday 8:30 slot. you have themed movie nights (sunday girls night, late friday night horror & saturdays action) as well as friday night CSI.

    come on go, get it together!

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