SKY News expert drops the C-Bomb

I see you the F-Bomb and I raise you….

SKY News Business means business.

Warning: language.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    The difference here is that it was a miss-spoken word whereas Miss O’Flaherty intended to say hers. Either way, both a bit amusing and neither were sackable offences.

  2. Lucky that person who recorded it had Foxtel IQ or barely anyone would have known about this.

    Obviously not the only time this happened. Reminds of those other clips on YouTube where sports commentators Ray Warren of Rugby League and Neil Crompton of V8 Supercars made similar C-Word slip-ups.

    • Wasn’t offered as an event. No moral outrage made here… the blog always has a mix of serious news, light stuff, dry facts, funny moments, quirky, bizarre, editorial, facts n figures….just like the box.

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