Wimbledon, One Day International: Guide

Nine has advised remaining airtimes for both Wimbledon and its One Day International cricket matches.

Nine’s  Wimbledon coverage is hosted by Tim Sheridan and Ken Sutcliffe, with John Newcombe, Fred Stolle and Mark Woodforde providing commentary.

The Australian cricketers are also in action in the United Kingdom, with England hosting the NatWest Series of One Day Internationals.

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane times are as follows. Other cities are advised to check local guides (but will probably mirror Melbourne times, adjust for timezones as required).

Wednesday 23rd June
2230: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 3 London

Thursday 24th June
2315: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 4 London
01:am Friday: England v Australia, 2nd ODI Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Friday 25th June
2255 MELB, 2330 SYD/BRIS 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 5 London

Saturday 26th June
2325: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 6 London

Sunday 27th June
2230: England v Australia, 3rd ODI, Old Trafford, Manchester

Monday 28th June
2230 SYD/BRIS, 2330 MELB: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 7 London

Tuesday 29th June
2300: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 8 – Ladies’ Singles Quarter Finals, London

Wednesday 30th June
2230 SYD/BRIS, 2315 MELB: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 9 London
2:15 am Thurs: England v Australia, 4th ODI The Oval, London

Thursday 1st July
2230 MELB, 2300 SYD/BRIS: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 10 London

Friday 2nd July
2200 SYD/BRIS, 2235 MELB: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Day 11 London

Saturday 3rd July
1930: England v Australia, 5th ODI , Lord’s, London
2300: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Ladies’ Singles Final London
1:00am Sun: England v Australia, 5th ODI – continues, Lord’s, London

Sunday 4th July
2230: 2010 Wimbledon Championships – Men’s Singles Final, London

NB: Matches and times are subject to change.


  1. Well, we’ll see how Channel Nein handle this next year in the lead up to the Olympics. Most probably News, A Current Affair, Two and a Half Men/Big Bang Theory reruns, Friday night movie (or NRL in Sydney/Brisbane), then the NatWest ODI England v Australia at 11.30pm. Fox will screen it live, in full and in HD.

  2. So did Australia get to see any of the epic Mahut – Isner match then. Indeed if Nine’s rights cover the show courts and Fox Sportsget the scraps on the outside courts, I guess Fox Sports would have got lucky with this game.

  3. The official Wimbledon site offer a season pass for $29.99, you have a choice of 6 Live matches every day. I signed on tonight because Nine couldn’t be bothered to show the Murray match from the start. @Craig, I used to live in Ireland, really really miss the BBC coverage!
    How can viewers show their disgust? Turn off? Write to Freeview? There must be a way for people to demand proper coverage of sports, especially Australian ones. It’s a disgrace what viewers are forced to put up with in this country.

  4. @Guy: according to MediaSpy, sports management group IMG, who is doing the negotiations on behalf of the All-England Tennis Club, is asking Nine and Fox Sports to pay US$3.5 million for the next Wimbledon rights (can’t remember if the price is per year or for the entire contract). Which is why Nine is hesitating to sign on the dotted line, and why Seven and Ten won’t consider buying right to broadcast Wimbledon (Ten and One are occupied with MotoGP and Formula One anyway).

  5. Sports coverage in Australia is just miserable at best.

    I mean we can’t even broadcast our very own Australian Open properly, so needless to talk about other slams… especially French Open where we get virtually zero coverage, unless an Australian reaches the semifinal.

    This is sad, because tennis is a great sport, but you need to be able to afford pay tv to watch them.

  6. Sport on 7 and 9 are a complete joke.
    Was hoping the 1 dayers would be on SBS like last year.

    The cricket should be on GO, leaving Wimbledon on Channel 9.

    I remember visiting the UK last year, they had Wimbledon of FTA BBC, you could press the red button and choose to watch any of 4 games, all live.

    There is nothing like that here, even for our own Australian Open – in Brisbane I can’t even get to see the games live – let alone have a choice of games to watch.

    We really are behind the times here in Australia.

  7. This whole thing is crazy. Fox are showing the cricket in live and in its entirely. Nine cut it off at 5.30am for the Today show so you end up missing the ending, what is the point of showing the match when you’re not even going to show the end for the ridcluous rubbish that is the Today show.

    So tennis fans such as myself are missing out on hours of action because they want to show a useless cricket game that they are not even going to finish. What’s the point? Thanks Nine for allowing me to watch the tennis by other emans with better commentators.

  8. Screw the cricket i want the tennis. Nine you are a bunch of idiots. Plus the cricket match is only 1/2 of it. What a stupid thing for Nine to do. Give Wimbledon to TEN or Seven. Nine this is ridiculous.

  9. I can’t believe they’re showing the cricket :S They cut off last night just after Sam’s loss, we get two weeks of Wimbledon a year and it’s not like they’re generous showing the other Grand Slams :S Cricket’s on all friggin summer!!!

  10. Yep, the usual 2 hour delay over here in Perth. When it comes to sport into Perth from the major networks, 7 and 9 are an epic fail! Thanks SBS for not penalising us with the World Cup, at least you care about your viewers in the west.

  11. Perfect example of why we need two channels so a network can broadcast two different events live… Unfortunately we have GO! instead… Channel 9 fail…

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