Bermuda Triangle spoiling

I see you Bermuda Triangle Exposed and I raise you…

7TWO gets into the spoiling next week by running a documentary on The Bermuda Triangle just ninety minutes before Nine plays one.

7TWO now screens a repeat of The Truth Behind: The Bermuda Triangle at 7:30pm next Tuesday.

Just what is the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle? Some believe alien forces or supernatural powers, are involved, others offer more down to earth but still shocking and challenging theories. Tonight we put each theory to the test in a bid to uncover the secrets of the triangle.

That 70’s Show is out.

Are we really that fascinated by the topic it warrants such shenanigans? Ask a Programmer.


  1. The more the merrier.. I’ve always found the subject quite fascinating so I’ll tune into both!

    @ ryan.. let me get this straight.. you’re looking forward to nine’s bermuda triangle special because the triangle has always interested you.. but 7TWO is pathetic for showing a special too? just another reason why it’s almost impossible to take anything you say seriously.

  2. Bermuda Triangle theories have been around for decades. Post WW2 there have been loads of incidents including 6 planes and 27 ppl lost in one day.
    Eyes wide shut?

  3. Not sure why this would make a difference? I have read books on TBT and there are strange things that can’t be explained by our current science.

    Quite pathetic from Seven though and shows what a bunch of riff raff are running the joint. Anyway sorry Seven I’ll be watching the one on Nine.

  4. Whats the deal with this Bermuda Triangle thing anyway has some new thing developed that I’ve missed? The bermuda triangle mystery was so very 90s.

  5. Yeah, this is truly pathetic. Are Seven that worried about Nine getting viewers from them, that they will air a repeat of Bermuda Triangle Special?

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