Supernatural: S6 promo

SPOILER: Considering we’re still waiting for S5 to finish on Australian television, this promo for S6 of Supernatural is really something of a Spoiler.

So view at your own discretion.

The season tagline is “The End Begins.”

This returns in the US in late September.



  1. I agree with all the hate being sent towards Ten. They have done nothing but attempt to gain ratings from a host of nothing shows in the Monday night Time slot that should just be reserved for Supernatural.
    If the DVD is to be released in October and Ten don’t put it back on until Summer then their rating swill suffer further because who is going to watch the show on Ten if you can watch it Ad Free on DVD?
    Rumour is Supernatural will be extended to 8 seasons if season 6 rates well enough.

  2. channel ten is a bunch of inconsistent idiots. i am epically loyal to this show so i’ll only wait a bit longer (lets be fair, its already been way way way way too long) because i don’t want to rip supernatural off. channel ten on the other hand has lost all my respect. but i can’t wait til i get the DVD currently set for release in australia out oct 27.

    Channel ten have really failed with this show which only excells with each season and had such potential given the chance. obviously they haven’t been doing their research. like i said idiots

    I am psyched for Season 6! Hoorah.

  3. Thankyou David for this information. What a lovely surprise to check into your website and see Supernatural in the news topic again. I for one am getting very excited about Season 6, especially after watching interviews with the actors and creators at the recent San Diego Comic Con. It sounds like a new direction from the last few seasons…back to ‘Monster of the week’ episodes…but still following the relationship of the brothers.

  4. @Kat – I guess they don’t want to give too much away with about 2 months before it comes back in the US.

    Just a shame TEN can’t stick it on late night, even after Letterman so fans can record it.

  5. I agree Kat, it’s not the best promo, but I can’t imagine them releasing new footage this far out from the premiere date when they’ve only got 3 eps shot. I can’t wait until they do get a new promo up and I am super excited for Season 6….don’t know that it’s the final season though, there has been lots of talk of going beyond 6 at the recent TCA panel and at ComicCon.

  6. Any idea when/if Supernatural returns to Channel 10? They did say “sometime later in the year”. Dare we hope before the DVDs come out or is that wishing on a star?

  7. Yes well….most of the Supernatural fans have probably seen the end of season 5 already, so this won’t be much of a spoiler.

    Who’d wait for Channel 10 to get around to playing it, after dropping it, promising fans it’s back, then dropping it 2 weeks later, one episode before one of the most important and heartbreaking episodes of the season. It’ll be back I assume, at least that’s what they said, but by they we’ll be in the thick of season 6.

    I wish FOX8 had Supernatural first run. Currently they are playing S4 every Tuesday night, from season beginning to season end and in HD! I’d love to see them get the rest of S5 and give the 5 year story arc that played out last season the kind of ending it deserves.

    Season 6 by the way, starts on September 24 in the States.

  8. with no sign of the third channel anytime soon I really wish that 10 would swap out the midnight repeats they are currently airing of burn notice, law and order and numbers and start showing the new content we are waiting on like smallville and supernatural. they are using one of the midnight slots for new swingtown so why keep the rest of them for repeats when there is new stuff we are never going to get to see.

  9. Wow, The CW really failed with this trailer… no new footage at all, it looks fanmade. Aw well, I’m still psyched about the final season! :):)

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