Airdate: Trinny & Susannah’s Great British Body. Gone: Parking Wars

Yesterday Seven withdrew Parking Wars from its Monday night line-up.

The show following the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) pulled 278,000 viewers on Monday.

From next week it replaces it with Trinny & Susannah’s Great British Body.

Trinny and Susannah endeavour to recruit hundreds of people to create a living, breathing sculpture. The only hitch is that people are going to have to get naked! Sharing intimate stories and revealing the bits they love and hate, the girls uncover the truth about the human body.

That bumps My Name is Earl from 11pm to 11:30pm and That 70s Show is out.


  1. Obvious isn’t it “J Bar”
    People want comedy and relaxation stuf on Monday nights, not factuals on Monday night or should I say, 30 seconds on this bit, 20 seconds on that bit, rehash 1st bit, rehash 2nd bit….

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