Seven wins AFL Media awards

Seven has had a tricky year with its AFL entertainment shows, but last night its commentary team was recognised at the Australian Football Media Association Awards.

Friday Night Football won the Most Outstanding TV Program.

For the eighth time in nine years, Dennis Cometti received the Most Outstanding Caller: Television award.

Leigh Matthews received the Most Outstanding Special Commentator: Television award.

Bruce McAvaney was highly commended in the Most Outstanding Caller: Television award.

Channel Seven Melbourne general manager Lewis Martin said, “Channel 7 is absolutely thrilled and honoured that our hard-working production and commentary teams received the recognition they deserve from their peers.

“It’s a credit to Saul Shtein, Nick Barrow and the production team, along with Dennis, Leigh and everyone at Seven.”


  1. I agree that this group are the best at commentating and have really enjoyed listening to them during the finals. I would love to watch Friday night football during the season too, but I live in Perth and our coverage is 3 to 3.5 hours delayed during standard time and up to 4.5 hours during daylight saving time. So in real time, Sydney viewers actually get the game on 7 before us some Friday nights and we are an AFL state…

    I just hope the AFL will step in at the next TV tights deal and make it a requirement that all games are shown live.

  2. the actual camera angles/views they use to show the game is terrible from the viewers prespective (eg. behind the goals camera angle that goes for 1 minute – problem is the view is from the other side of the ground!) and replays that overlay the live gameplay missing out on the action

    but what really ticks me – trivial i know – is the score box on the bottom corner of the screen!

  3. @jacob. do you listen to what he say all the time. he doesn’t call the games. all he does is try to be a stand up comedian and he isn’t even funny anyh more. come back to me when you start listening to him call the footy.

  4. Press Release from the AFL: The Australian Football Media Association (AFMA) tonight held its annual function in Melbourne, with Paul Roos as the guest speaker.

    Age Columnist, Triple M expert commentator and Channel 9 host Garry Lyon was awarded the 2010 Australian Football Media Association’s Alf Brown trophy. Lyon claimed the overall award for excellence in the football media in addition to winning the best print columnist category.

    The Clinton Grybas Rising Star was awarded to 6PR’s Adam Papalia.
    Life membership was awarded to Ray Titus, Bill Cannon and Kevin Bartlett.

    2010 Australian Football Media Association Awards
    Alf Brrown Trophy – Judged by Michael Gawenda, Peter Schwab, Geoff Poulter
    Garry Lyon, The Age / Triple M / Channel 9


  5. Seriously??? Friday night footy is great when it’s live. They’ve done it like what 3 times this year. Does not deserve that award, Seven’s footy is a disgrace. I like Ten’s AFL coverage better.
    I’m a little surprised David Schwarz didn’t win anything…..

  6. David, can you provide a hint as to where one can obtain a rundown of who won all the awards.. I have seen very little publication about this today.

    Is the Paul Roos speech available somewhere to view?

    I know, am asking a lot, but am hoping you can assist.


  7. So, 7 gets an award for something that goes to air roughly 2 and one-half hours late? Fabulous. The finals series *proves* they could give us live footy every Friday night if they really wanted to. Then, even I will give them a media award – by watching.

  8. what a joke! channel ten has a far superior coverage. channel 7’s coverage has so many flaws such as not playing team songs on Sundays, Friday games starting at 8.40, excessive advertising between goals and lousy commentary(excluding Commeti and Mcaveny)

  9. Maybe they won because Nine withdrew all its programs and presenters from nominations… Friday Night Football as the ” Most Outstanding TV Program” shows the standards of these awards!

  10. how does 7 get these awards. their coverage is absolutlely woeful. from commentator to camera angles. it’s just terrible and dennis cometti is not a good commentator

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