X Factor amendment

Seven has scheduled a last minute special to air tonight at 11:30pm, The X Factor: The Contenders.

Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian, Ronan Keating and Luke Jacobz join forces as the hunt begins for an Aussie star that the world has never seen. The one in a million who will have… the X Factor!

No idea how it differs from the Auditions, but it runs for 30 minutes if you wanna check it out.

That 70s Show is out.

Another will air at 3pm tomorrow.

There’s also a replay of last night’s show at 3:30 on 7TWO today, and presumably more to follow Thursday and Friday….

That is all.


  1. i live the show and you are giving the peoples a changes to be what they like to come and your show is good and we all love watching the show and luke you are very good on home and away i watch it every night do no miss it you are a very cool dude australia ove you luke love from brodie

  2. Sorry Seven but X factor won’t get my viewing attention.
    apart from Kyle being a pain, I could not believe you chose Matthew Newton as host despite his past history.

    Ten has shown the way with casting – get it right and people will turn in- get it wrong and no one watches.

  3. That explains why it’s on every time I’ve turned on the telly in the past 24 hours. Talk about bad luck. Is it just me or is the talent completely underwhelming? Judges going crazy about a 15 year old singing a Snow Patrol song competently.

  4. Is it that they’re overloading us with X-factor to try and get us to like it, or do they just have so much footage they know they won’t be able to dish out normally so they’re getting it out quick and fast? Either way, it’s not working for me.

  5. I’m guessing it might be a rehash of everyone who’s through audietion performances,remiss of the dodgy singing, but packed with sob story after sobstory…

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