West Wing reunion

Actors from The West Wing recently gathered for a reunion and photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly.

They included Martin Sheen (President Josiah Bartlet), Allison Janney (C.J. Cregg), Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman), Elisabeth Moss (Zoey Bartlet), Dulé Hill (Charlie Young), Janel Moloney (Donna Moss), Kathryn Joosten (Dolores Landingham), and Stockard Channing (Abigail Bartlet).

The actors also remembered John Spencer, who played Chief of Staff (and later vice-presidential candidate) Leo McGarry; Spencer died suddenly on Dec. 16, 2005 in the middle of the seventh and ultimately final season. “It’s not The West Wing without John Spencer,” said Hill. “All the time, he would be saying, ‘We wouldn’t be getting this [experience] if we were on a cop show.’ He would always say that with a big smile on his face whenever we had some kind of amazing experience because we were on this show about the White House.”

A special edition of the magazine also features reunions for Back to the Future, The Lord of the Rings, Will & Grace, Scream, Pretty in Pink, Alias, Married… With Children, and more.


  1. I’ve been working in this industry for nearly a quarter of a century now (at a decent level), and whenever I refer to quality television drama, “The West Wing” is always my benchmark reference. I have every episode, and have still not grown tired of it… Truly brilliant.

  2. Thanks so much for the link, David 🙂
    That was my all time favourite show!!!

    Please Bradley get rid of the moustache & funny glasses … 😉
    Where oh where has Josh gone? lol

  3. Still one of the most well written ensemble dramas for quite some time… I’m currently in the middle of my umpteenth full series watch-through and still enjoying it. Mr Sorkin you are to be commended!

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    My all-time favourite drama series and the only one I would definitely rate 5 stars out of 5. The story had such depth and breadth, the cast were all fantastic, and the cinematography was superb. I was always left wanting more after each episode.

    After Nine wrecked the experience for me I was extremely happy when I first heard that ABC2 were going to show it. (Can I have S5 of “The Wire” too, please?).

  5. Clearly one of the best ever. I saw a few episdoes from season one recently and it hasn’t aged at all. The whip smart dialogue is funny and actually informs as well.

  6. Armchair Analyst

    How is it possible to have a reunion after only 4 or 5 years off air. You would have thought that a show needed to be off air for atleast 10 years. However it was a good show, but i didnt watch it.

  7. A great show and cast, wonderful writing. I love this show the only regret is it didn’t continue into the Santos Presidency.

    One question: Where’s Rob Lowe?

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