Gallery: Offspring finale

Look who makes an appearance in the double episode finale of Offspring on Sunday night.

And someone may return the favour by appearing back on their show next week too….

If you’re a fan of Offspring, the episodes converge several storylines that have been brewing.

TV Tonight attended the final location shoot of the series (final pic) on a bitterly cold day in August. The cast were doing their best to shrug off the chill and stay cheerful for a group scene, but it was hard going. The rigors of show business!

The final two eps for the year air at 8:30pm Sunday. Don’t miss Eddie Perfect’s perfect song…


  1. Amazing song.

    Heart That’s Pounding
    Sally Seltmann

    This is the song at the end with the balloons, took me ages but i finally found it and worth it!!!


  2. For me Offspring is my out time. I escape into the tv world of caos called Offspring and love it. The Producers are doing a great job please keep it going. Great to see an Aussie show that’s not cops orientated. Good on ya Ten.

  3. Forget Nina and Chris’ song, how funny was the song Billie’s boyf (forget his name)sung at the end of the show! Can you get it on-line? I need another dose immediately!

  4. I am a little confused about the timing on Offspring.

    The nurse that gave birth last night only got pregnant after the series has started and just gave birth at 36 weeks, so I assume everything that has happened happened in an 8 month period – is that correct or has the timing been fidgeted with?

    So Nina and Chris have been faffing about not getting it on for 8 months!! get it together already people.

  5. @Andrew

    I noticed the nice sky in the distance, but it’s like that sometimes here in Melbourne strangely enough. It can be sunny and raining at the same time.

    I quite enjoyed the season finale (as with the show in general), the ending was a little bit anti-climatic, but it seemed like all the loose ends had been tied up and they had nothing to lead into S2, so I guess it’s good that way. The fireman scene was hilarious.

  6. A very intense season finale if ever I saw one. But the character of Nina still annoys the crap outta me. She has all along. Being so jumpy whenever there’s anything to do with dr Lurve (a married man btw but we’ve already seen this character has a problem with morals!)… totally irritates me. As does her ringtone… But It’s Kat Stewart who saves the show for me, i love her character and she is a great actress. I didn’t think she could top her performance as Roberta Williams but she so has. Most Outstanding Actress award contender for the Logies next year I’m sure.

    Loved the song that wrapped up the storyline at the end! That was awesome.

    I did laugh too looking at that outdoor scene where they are getting pelted with “rain” but it’s beautiful and sunny all around them but it looks like they tinted the picture to try and make it look less bright and sunny? The perils of filming outdoors on a tight timeframe I suppose.

  7. I know good when I see it.. So freakin proud 2 b a melbourien, completly hooked like an s.o.b.. storey lines, acting, directing its about time a decent show worth watching has arrived in the nick of time ya hoo!! I will support this show until it becomes rediculous like most others.

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