Where to for Brenton and Chez?

After the property they renovated was passed in at auction, The Block‘s Brenton and Chez essentially left the series empty-handed.

Their Vaucluse property failed to meet its $880,000 reserve in the finale, in stark contrast to the $205,000 profit by Neisha and John.

They did win some money in the weekly challenges, but all of that was invested back into renovations.

Producer Julian Cress told TV Tonight, “The apartment is now for sale and a number of people have already shown serious interest. Any profits above the published reserve price will go to Chez and Brenton as promised.”

Cress added it would be very surprising if the apartment didn’t sell, “considering the value it represents to any prospective buyer.”

The Nine series is now calling for new contestants.


  1. Can’t believe some peoples attitude. Chez & Brenton worked really hard on the block plus they did not lie and cheat like Erin & Jake (who were so smug about it).
    All the nice people became best friends on the block which included Chez & Brenton, I think this group were in a better position than us to judge each other as they got close an personal. Sure Chez may have annoyed some people, thats life but “hello” compared to Erin, Chez wins hands down. I hope Chez and Brenton get heaps of money from the sale. All contestants had the same deal from the start of the show so why should it change just because it didn’t go down as planed.

  2. I agree AJ, their auctioneer was really quite ordinary. He did none of the talking-up of the property that the others did. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but they should have had someone more experienced for such a high profile auction.
    Frankly I am just glad Erin and Jake came nowhere near the win.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how much the apartment actually goes for. I did find Chez a bit annoying to put it lightly. I wonder if a different real estate agent would price the apartments differently. Also wonder if the new buyers keep the furniture in the apartments?

  4. I completely agree with AJ and Chris, it compromises the integrity of the show. But it was great to see that nice guys don’t always finish last (we enjoyed the positive attitude of the winners and the two bear buddies – see you at the Townie in Newtown one arvo guys!) and also happy that the baddies kinda got what they deserved 😉

  5. I don’t think it’s fair to the other participants for Brent and Chez to be able to keep the profits from the sale of their apartment in completely different circumstances to the sale of all the other apartments.

    Some purchasers just don’t like auctions. Other purchasers may have been scared off by the huge crowds at the open houses. And other purchases may not have wanted to be in the middle of all the media attentions surrounding the auction and “The Block” not to mention Channel 9’s incredibly intrusive cameras.

    Brent and Chez now have direct access to all those other purchasers. Especially when their poor auction result probably had more to do with Brent and Chez’s extremely poor choice of auctioneer. The guy looked like he was melting under pressure and it was clear he had no idea how to work the crowd compared to the excellent auctioneer that John and Neisha had.

  6. How is it unfair Chris? Nothing says they’re going to even meet the reserve with the sale! I doubt they’ll get anywhere near the 2nd and 3rd placed team, nothing unfair about it.

  7. If I had a dollar for every time Scott Cam excitedly said “You’ve just won so and so amount of dollars!!” in the finale, then I would also now have $205,000

  8. It was bloody fantastic watching these get what they deserved, ha ha!! They consistently bitched, moaned, cheated and didn’t care about other people (especially with one of them being the supreme of evil – a Sydney real estate agent). Is that how they always interact with others? Sorry, but being ‘bubbly’ or ‘hot’ counts for nothing, unless you’re a spa. Conversely it was great! great! great! to see nice guys don’t always finish last… in this case those contestants came 1st and 2nd. Hooray!

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