Nine News Sydney -in Melbourne.

While technical glitches do come with the territory in live News bulletins, Nine News Melbourne has now had three in the last week, most of them resulting in the Sydney bulletin being briefly visible in the southern city.

Last night out of Hot Seat the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Peter Overton’s voice were airing before things quickly switched to Peter Hitchener. On Monday night a story about a funeral was interrupted by an ACA preview with Tracy Grimshaw, then a flick to Overton. There was another hiccup last week.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We work hard 365 days a year to bring Melbourne the best possible News at 6pm. Very occasionally, on-air glitches can occur, as they do on all networks. It’s frustrating, for us and for our loyal viewers. But we want to assure them that we much prefer to focus on covering the news, rather than be in the news for these hiccups.”

Maybe it’s that bloody seagull sitting on the satellite dish.

In the erratic Melbourne market Nine News has been whipping Seven News, but Seven hit back with a win last night.


  1. @ohyeah… you know nothing – only what we have told you… if that is wrong then why post this comment 4 hours ago..?

    Please leave the technical information to people who actually know or work in the industry… Incorrect/made up information is just embarressing…

    Clean up required in aisle 3 please…

    ohyeah says:
    February 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm
    the only network centralising their on-air Presentation playouts is win tv…mediahub…

  2. Brent… your info is not correct….. nine is airing their content from 3 different locations…. 7’s pres is from 2 locations, with their main pres in melbourne.

  3. All the networks are centralising these days…

    9 comes from Sydney
    10 comes from Sydney
    ABC comes from Sydney
    SBS comes from Sydney
    7 comes from Melbourne

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