Returning: The Biggest Loser (US)

Trainers Bob and Jillian are about to make their return to Australian TV screens in a first-run season of The Biggest Loser (US).

ELEVEN will screen these episodes from 8:30pm Saturday May 7th.

This is the 7th season of the reality series, which aired in the US in January 2009.

Featuring 11 overweight couples it was the longest season in Biggest Loser history.


  1. The current Aus show is the first time I’ve ever watched the Biggest Loser and it’s got me hooked. However when they did the makeover show this week, I found the American trainers nauseating. I won’t be watching.

  2. awesomw yet again i would not have known about this if it wasnt for you David now all i have to do is remember to set the PVR to record it it is a shame that eleven isnt on foxtel satelitte good night to i am one of those tragic people who are home on saturday nights so it is a good day and time

  3. @ MuchoTB, they are nearly as bad as people who have to insult others with broad generalizations to make themselves feel better about their own pathetic lives 😉

  4. Ummm…I guess its better than decade old movies?

    Still you have to wonder who is unfortunate/socially undesirable enough to want to stay home on a Saturday night watching The Biggest Loser. Reminds me of the fat kid who likes playing World of Warcraft – hello! There’s a whole world out there

  5. David, has this season already played on Lifestyle You on Foxtel?
    It’s good Eleven are continuing to show new content… heard that GO!, new content! Not replaying the same old shows or movies, they’re showing something that people might not have seen before.

  6. So when The Biggest Loser Australia wraps up over the next week, another season of the US version is set to begin. This show made a 2010 absence, and now the US is up to around Season 11, with this season to end in May. We are four seasons behind the US!

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