An Idiot Aboard replay

There’s quite a bit of buzz about Karl Pilkington’s An Idiot Abroad, and rightly so.

You can catch a replay tomorrow night on ONE at 10:30pm following Sons of Anarchy.

The show pulled 278,000 viewers.


  1. I’m not a huge fan of ricky’s or his humor but i watched this last night and have to say it made me laugh so much karl is so funny it’s like watching my dad experience things omg what a laugh were sending you all the way round the great wall of china karl” why? it’s boring and built in 1980 it’s not really that old” lol

  2. Ricky wrte this on his blog…

    “I also told Karl that An Idiot Abroad became the highest rated entertainment programme ever on the Australian channel one this week. I was very excited. Karl, unimpressed said, “Yeh but I think it’s quite a new channel.”

  3. I realise Ten are trying to utilise their digital channels (which I think is great), but people still aren’t making the switch from the major stations, therefore I believe this show certainly belongs on TEN

  4. Armchair Analyst

    @ ClownDog. I agree with u their is to much good programing on monday and i dont have a pvr. I like to watch No Ordinary Family on seven at 7.30 i think that is exactly the time An Idiot Abroad is on. As for the revamp of ONE i would say not as good as i had hoped. For starters what is Airline doing on thier it was on 9 years ago what makes David Mott think that men will watch that. Cops is boring i know they were trailblazers in their day but comon it is borring now. i much like Seven Mate’s lineup definetly aimed at men 18 to 39. If i had a choice of ONE or 7Mate to watch something a man would most likely watch then i would pick 7Mate. when i heard that lachlan was relaunching ONE HD into ONE i was angry because of a lessening of sport in primetime, and then when i heard they were planning to turn it into a male targeted channel i was a little nurvous, it would either be brillian better then 7Mate or worse then a 24 hr sports Channel. At the moment with the execption of Sons of Anarchy and An Idiot Abroad the “new” linup is crap. In my opinion they made the channel worse. Although the rating do not reflect that. what gives?

  5. How long until they have a Sons of Anarchy or Idiot Abroad-level show for at least each weeknight? For the big relaunch it’s basically just those two shows and nothing else that will grab an audience. What was the big primetime show tonight? Cops?

  6. Awesome. Intended to watch it but seeing I don’t have One via Foxtel I completely forgot about it until after I finished watching Amazing Race.

  7. I watched this just to see if it was any good, and I found it quite entertaining. A bonus for those familiar with video game Portal 2, since one of the “hosts” is the guy who voiced Wheatley. I didn’t pick up on it at first, but when he called Karl’s mobile I suddenly stopped hearing the host and started hearing Wheatley. Totally unexpected!

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