Offspring: paging Dr. Chris

Just how much does Don Hany feature in the second season of Offspring?

The path for Dr. Chris Havel is a closely guarded secret, but there are hints all round.

For some time Hany has been based in Los Angeles to pursue US opportunities. Meanwhile the series has been shooting in Melbourne.

On the Red Carpet at the Logie Awards, Kat Stewart told TV Tonight: “I think we might be murdered if we reveal that.”

Richard Davies added: “We got ‘silencing emails’ telling us not to say anything.”

In the Offspring Media Kit, Hany is included in the cast, but his biography is no longer front and centre with Asher Keddie as it was a year ago. Instead his billing follows many of the other cast.

Joining this season are Jay Ryan and Matthew Le Nevez.

When asked if Hany features in the second season, a TEN spokesperson carefully told TV Tonight, “Nina hasn’t necessarily seen the last of him yet, but to reveal anything would really wreck the surprises in the storytelling.”

Offspring returns 8:30pm Monday on TEN in a double episode.


  1. Hey Don please come back toOffspring love watching you in your clean shaven romantically uncomfortable role but still enjoy your character on eastwest101

  2. Bring back Dr Chris! Watched the season premiere last night and was soooo disappointed to see that one of the shows best characters was missing. Season 1 was excellent and the only reason I was tuning in again was to see how the Nina/Chris relationship was going to develop. Will possibly still watch but I’m not as fussed now that Dr Hottie has gone 🙁

  3. So… After tonight’s season premiere, I’m not hopeful that we’ll be seeing him again and I feel really ripped off by the show. It kind of does them a disservice too, it was such a great first season with amazing chemistry between Asher/Nina and Chris/Don that to just have to give up on it, it seemed so unsatisfactory.

  4. I saw a great advert on a bus for Offspring. Had Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart and Deborah Mailman on it… Hopefully they’ll put Mailman to great use, since her character’s development and screentime was pretty much shit last season.

  5. Don Hany is clearly uncomfortable as a romantic lead. We can’t be expected to keep watching this ridiculous urst for another series anyway. Good move Don Hany.

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