Returning: Highway Patrol. Airdate: World’s Deadliest Roads

Seven is returning Highway Patrol to screens next week, followed by a new series from The History Channel, World’s Deadliest Roads.

Highway Patrol returns 7:30pm Wednesday June 1st, against MasterChef no less, followed by World’s Deadliest Roads at 8pm.

This means Australia’s Got Talent drops back to one night a week, but with a 90 minute episode next Tuesday.

Highway Patrol
“Racy Rider”
Buckle up and get ready to experience firsthand the fast-paced, breakneck world of Australia’s Traffic Police. When officers pull over a teenager driving his mum’s car, they decide to check his story with his mother. Elsewhere, police have their hands full with a car loaded with passengers. And a license check on a speeding driver reveals more that officers had expected.

World’s Deadliest Roads
“Freefall Freeway”
Three of North America’s toughest truck drivers cross borders and tackle some of the most extreme roads in unforgiving environments. Ice Road Truckers Alex, Rick and Lisa make a living driving the deadly ice roads of North America, but to prove they’re the best drivers in the world, the truckers head to India to take on the extreme mountain roads of the Himalayas. As Lisa battles the heat, Alex slams into two vehicles out on the crowded roadways, and Rick risks a head-on collision with multiple buses.


  1. Darren, whilst i agree with the sentiment of showing motorcycle accidents where the rider is not at fault. I think regardless of whos fault they should put a name to the rider and show how much the family suffered.
    The rider was a friend and i was very surprised to see this on TV last night, the accident happened in Feb last year, it was horrible seeing him moving and talking knowing that he didnt make it 🙁

  2. Ok so now you have show how a motorcycle rider died through his own actions by trying to lane split. Are you going to show any stories where drivers injure or kill a motorcycle rider and get a slap on the wrist for their incompetence.

  3. Umm…thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, I’ve seen episodes 1-10 of Season 2 (which I assume this is) because Channel 7 have been really tardy in getting this to air – like most networks.

    The eps I’ve seen were screened on TVNZ.

  4. I will IQ it but given it is up against MC which it has zero chance of beating i am worried that seven will do a nine and pull it off after a couple of episodes atleast it has a better chance of getting a series run on seven

  5. So is this another ‘once off’ highway patrol episode? Last year Highway Patrol returned a couple of times, and each time it stayed for a couple of episodes and then left, then returned for 1 episode, then left, etc.

  6. hahahaha Im on highway Patrol, Got pulled over for speeding and being on a mobile phone on a rainy day! This happened October last year!

  7. Are these Highway Patrol episode going to be the one’s 7 didn’t show from Season 2, but have already been screened in NZ? Or is this Season 3?

  8. There is no way the 2nd round of AGT will run for 90 mins. last year every episode ended up being 2 hours pushing Greys to 9:30. For Greys that’s ok. But winners&losers doesn’t deserve that treatment.

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