Returning: Torchwood

UKTV will premiere the new series of Torchwood just hours after its US premiere.

Torchwood: Miracle Day will premiere on Saturday July 9 at 8:30pm -in the US it premieres on July 8th, the same day given the time zone differences.

This follows UKTV fast-tracking Torchwood: Children of Earth in 2009.

Deirdre Brennan, Director of Television, BBC Worldwide Australia said, “Torchwood: Miracle Day is the pinnacle of event television with global locations, brilliant casting, exhilarating action and captivating story-telling. This is the most ambitious instalment of Torchwood to-date and UKTV is thrilled to fast-track this show to Australian audiences, rewarding the fans and offering new audiences the opportunity to experience Captain Jack’s charm first hand.”

Imagine a day when nobody dies. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, people keep aging. They get hurt and sick but they never die. This is the extraordinary premise of the highly-anticipated sci-fi drama series, Torchwood: Miracle Day, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for Starz, BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Worldwide.

John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Kai Owen all reprise their roles and are joined by new headliners, Mekhi Phifer (ER), Bill Pullman (Independence Day) and Alexa Havins. The 10-episode series will also feature an impressive list of guest stars including Wayne Knight (Newman in Seinfeld), C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders), Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), John DeLancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and brat packer Mare Winningham (Mildred Pierce).

Additional actors starring in the drama sensation include Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) who joins the cast in an extended guest role and Arlene Tur (Crash, Eat Pray Love). Torchwood’s original creator, writer/producer Russell T Davies, serves as executive producer along with BBC Worldwide Productions’ SVP Julie Gardner

Torchwood: Miracle Day will premiere on Saturday July 9 at 8:30pm  with an encore on Tuesdays at 8:30pm.


  1. I am a big fan of Torchwood but was so exhausted by the end of the last series that I felt it had surely run its course. But lets see what this new series brings. It really annoys me when UKTV repeats programmes in primetime. They showed Dancing on Ice on Thursdays and Saturdays in primetime and now showing this at 8.30pm. I don’t mind repeats but at least show one at 8.30pm and the other at 6.30pm. I’m a daily viewer of UKTV so it means theres always one day where theres nothing to watch.

  2. @Craig

    Yeah really worth a minimum of 70 odd bucks a month, every month, every year, to catch a show (that couldn’t exactly be defined as “must view TV” at the best of times) which will air on ABC withing the following 6 months.

  3. Dear Deirdre Brennan, thank you for using the word fast tracked when actually appropriate as opposed to some other FTA networks, who define fast tracking as whenever the programming suits their needs to air.

    I hope your efforts to be part of a global event are reward by both viewers praise and ratings.

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