Airdate: Inside The Human Body

Nine will keep documentaries in the 8:30pm Thursday slot, with Inside The Human Body to follow Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice.

This BBC series reveals the workings of the body and was narrated in the UK by Michael Mosley. Controversially, it included one episode in which an 84 year old man took his last breath, surrounded by family at his hospital bedside.

Coincidentally, Mosley also appears in Into the Mind which begins tonight on SBS ONE.

In the premiere on Thursday, June 23, at 8.30pm on Channel Nine we follow the progress of a couple who are expecting triplets, from the first 4D pregnancy scan to the dramatic birth. We also meet a woman expecting her 16th baby, and the oldest conjoined twins in the world.

Throughout this absorbing series viewers are taken on an adventure inside and outside the human body which guarantees you will never think of yourself in the same way again.

Using breathtaking computer-generated imagery, each program begins inside a different human microcosm, providing a unique insight into our bodies and taking us on an astonishing journey through space and time to show how different parts of our anatomy have evolved.

Extraordinary scientific images of the body rarely seen outside the laboratory reveal its most unusual and bizarre workings in minute detail. This is an incredible world in miniature, where our day-to-day human activities pale in comparison to the intensive work rate of even the smallest cell in the body and the tiniest clusters of body hair resemble dense forest.

The body’s almost infinite ability to adapt and surprise is illustrated by remarkable people all over the world whose bodies allow them to do amazing things, live in fascinating places, and push their physiology to the limit.

From the fundamental organs that keep us alive to the development of the brain, movement and communication,Inside The Human Body is the most comprehensive, definitive series ever about the highly evolved machine that makes the human being the most successful animal on Earth.

It begins June 23rd on Nine.


  1. I have enjoyed Michael Mosley’s work ever since I saw him in “Medical Mavericks” on the ABC in 2008. It was fantastic. (I think it might still be available to download online)

    Is there any word on when we might see “Pleasure and Pain” ?

  2. Just adding to my previous post, Michael Mosley programs are now currently airing across three networks.

    Into The Mind: Tusedays 7:30pm, SBS One
    The Young Ones: Tuesdays 8:30pm, ABC1
    Inside The Human Body: Thursdays 8:30pm, Nine

    Not bad for someone I haven’t heard of until The History Of Science aired a few months ago.

  3. Chk Chk, why would you wanna see anything even halfway good end up on Nine? At least we’ll always know Tuesday night is science night on SBS One.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    @chk chk – Into the Mind is on tonight. Not sure how you saw it last night.

    @Vinny – there have been a few UK shows that haven’t done well; eg Benidorm.

  5. Is there any UK show that doesn’t rate highly on free tv ? Seems it is the American ones that are not always connecting with Aussie viewers.

  6. @Secret Squirrel I do actually but I’m a late convert, it only started when I saw ‘Big, Bigger, Biggest’ then ‘The Ascent of Money’ and ‘The History of Science’. Last night’s doco ‘Into the Mind(?)’ was equally compelling although based on BBC’s website, the actual title was ‘The Brain: A Secret History’. I reckon Nine should show, ‘The Genius of Design’ as well.

  7. Secret Squïrrel

    @chk chk – so have you been watching the ones on ABC, SBS, and 7mate?

    If Mosley’s previous series are anything to go by, this should be good. This was broadcast in the UK early last month so it’s nice to see it show up here so quickly.

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