ELEVEN nabs The Glee Project, Being Human (US).

ELEVEN will soon begin airing The Glee Project,Β the reality TV spin-off to find future cast members for Glee plus the US adaptation of Being Human.

The winner of the reality series, which airs on cable network Oxygen, will land a seven-episode guest arc in series 3 after being selected by a team of experts including choreographer Zach Woodlee, casting director Robert Ulrich and creator Ryan Murphy. There are also guest appearances by Glee cast members including Darren Criss, who along with Chord Overstreet has been one of the show’s newest recruits.

Variety said its Gleek appeal should be enough to make the fun if formulaic show a basic-cable breakout.

ELEVEN has also picked up Being Human from the SciFi channel about a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf sharing house in Boston. Based on the UK series by Toby Whithouse, it is already renewed for a second season.


Source: Mediaweek


  1. glee is the best thing that has ever happend in my life coz when i was 9 my nanna died and i was sad and depressed but when glee stated it was my life and still is when i am sad i watch glee and feel much better Reachel Berry and Quinn Fabray inspire me in everything that i do i am inlove with glee and the glee project

  2. Can’t wait for the Glee Project to air! I really struggled to find anywhere online to watch it, so I’m glad an Australian channel finally decided to air it-thank you Eleven!

  3. Has any one here actually watched the uk version? because I have and its one of my favourite shows. I will see how the US version is but the actors could never be as good

  4. When does being human us start on eleven???? I’m gona watch them again πŸ™‚ and does anyone know whne season 2 of being human us start???

  5. I love being human US….. Everyone says the uk version is better and that the us one is crap…. But I havnt seen the uk version and I think being human US rocks!!!!! Can’t wait 4 season 2 πŸ™‚

  6. The Glee Project bombs with just 455,000 viewers on oxygen. panned by critics too. what is it with glee related shows, Dont Stop Believing was being called the biggest flop ever in the UK, now this.

  7. @ APM, you mean like how normal episodes of Glee always run first run on Oxygen in the US πŸ˜‰

    The reason The Glee Project is on Eleven is because it won’t rate anywhere near as much as the show itself will, so better to put it on Eleven where it has the possibility to rate.

  8. Ten has moved Glee around from Mondays to Wednesdays and it even has been on Thursdays. it was promised to be a fast-tracked show and even though they caught up we were still a little behind. main channels like 10, 9, and 7 often will have breaks for easter and summer but digital channels like 11 don’t care about holidays, they’ll play stuff through without breaks…well, almost all digital channels anyway.

    besides, Ten is more of an oldies channel now. I doubt many oldies would be the millions of people watching Glee! also, why would they put a Glee reality show on a different channel to the channel Glee is on. also its one channel above 10, how lazy could you be if you didn’t wanna change it to one extra channel. Im sure Ten would promote the hell out of it if it were to move to Eleven. and whats wrong with having this Glee reality show on Ten somewhere?

    speaking of, what the hell is Merlin still doing on Ten?!

  9. APM what is with your weird suggestions of moving hit shows to digital channels. Yeah, Ten will no doubt move Glee and its one million+ viewers to Eleven. *rolls eyes*

    Thank Christ you’re not a programmer and never will be.

  10. @ APM, Why would TEN who is struggling to find 1-mill plus figures on any program outside of Masterchef waste one of the few shows on its network that rates well on Eleven?

  11. Eleven have waited Way too long to show being human.Already seen it by “other means”.I only watch a coulpe of shows on tv nowadays,i hate the networks,they dont give a crap about the fans.

  12. interesting, perhaps 11 will air Being Human (US) on Mondays after Supernatural or Thursdays after Stargate in place of Star Trek when Season 1 finishes – 11 seriously can’t air all of the Seasons of that old show in that timeslot surely?!

    this Glee project can go anywhere, there are plenty of 7:30 slots available. probably will end up on a weekend with the other reality shows that didn’t work out on Sundays. I reckon Monday or Thursday at 7:30 would be a decent slot for that. if 11 plan to air the Glee project, then maybe they plan to air Season 3 onwards too instead of 10?

  13. “The Glee Project, the reality TV spin-off to find future cast members” — only one member contractually. May that be the end of it – awful concept.

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