Futurama update

Heads up fans of Fry and co.

New Futurama episodes scheduled for Wednesday August 10 and 17 on ELEVEN are now out.

A new episode “All The Presidents’ Heads” remains at 8pm Tuesday August 9, but repeats will fill other timeslots.


  1. Strange decision to put a new Futurama against the return of Modern Family

    At least 11 is promoting this special timeslot – they often only promote the Animation Fixation block and not much emphasis on what is screening as a new ep

  2. Annoying that Eleven’s ditching the new episodes already- although I wonder if it’s because they’re saving them for some sort of Animation Fixation relaunch in September when the new episodes of the Simpsons and Clevelend start in the US?

    They’re also dropping Smallville four episodes before the end of season 9 which doesn’t make any sense at all!

  3. When’s the new Futurama Blu-ray/DVD coming out? If we don’t get a release date soon, I will have to order a region A version from the US.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    Yeah, looks like our good run with Eleven is coming to an end. Appears that they’re going the way of Go! and 7mate and will start spamming repeats of their more popular shows.

  5. Notice they’ve slipped a repeat Office in after the ‘new’ 8.30pm episode on Tuesday nights too.. just as they nearly caught up to the states so at least that’s something.

  6. It looks like Cleveland Show will be going into repeats too. They haven’t finished Series 2 yet. And they’re not fastracking it so I don’t know why they would stop. 7mate is stopping new American Dad! episodes too (last night’s was the last new one for now) there are 4 episodes left in the season. 🙁

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