Hey Hey tour on the cards

Hey Hey fans may be getting another taste of the show with news that a live tour is under consideration to coincide with a 40th anniversary.

On the popular Facebook page for the show, host Daryl Somers is gauging interest from fans.

“We are currently exploring the possibility of taking the show into ticketed venues and would love to get your feedback on the proposition,” he wrote.

So far it’s an enthusiastic response.

The 40th anniversary is actually in early October, but it seems like a pretty good way of bringing the show to the fans.

Other shows with a live tour coming up include Spicks and Specks, RocKwiz, Top Gear, MasterChef Australia and Qi.


  1. Daryl is like an old champion Boxer making a comeback. I loved Hey Hey and it could of worked on Tv again but needed a complete overhaul minus Daryl. Bring it back on a Saturday Night and let Hamish and Andy Loose on it.

  2. It would be good if hey hey could come back on tv, for specials now and then. Once a month maybe?

    Hmmm.. If this tour thing does happen, they have done something similar before. I remember there being a version on Cinderella the cast did with some other actors, and toured around Australia. Think Molly was the fairy godmother if I remember correctly.

  3. I’m 33 years old and I’d go if they came to Sydney. This live show isn’t for the Hey Hey haters, so I don’t see why they feel they must comment. I can’t stand reality TV, but I wouldn’t bother commenting on a story if, say, Masterchef was touring. Re the TV show, I wish Daryl and Ch 9 could come to some sort of a compromise to make it viable. For example, maybe they could make it just one hour a week — I think some of the two-hour shows last year didn’t have enough star talent to justify two hours — or maybe a two-hour special once a month or once a quarter.

  4. 1. You must be travelling alone? Everyone else, other than you, have other daily commitments with media stations.

    2. Out of your 625 000 fans, about 50 fans are committed? (I suggest you hire a classroom for the venue)

    3. In reality, 100 likes indicate 10 tickets? (Look at past posts and ‘likes’ on the page)

    4. People will love the idea until they are told they’re paying… especially your target demographic (young families with kids) who don’t have the money to waste.

    5. The world is a big place. Move on.

    6. We said no in 1999. We liked the reunion show in 2009 until once again we remembered why we switched off in the first place.

    7. Nine are basically saying: Take your show, your fans and hit the road; you’re not wanted here anymore. (Noticed that Nine have been removed from Hey Hey’s facebook page under the Info tab in the past 24hours?)

  5. Don’t go counting those chickens before they hatch, Daryl. One ‘like’ on FB does not equal one ticket bought. If you can’t get the ratings to sustain a TV show, how are you going to get enough people into the venues to write you that exorbitant cheque?

    How about a Daryl Roast? If it’s half as funny as Charlie Sheen’s (and it prob would only be half as funny) I’d watch. Australia has moved on – just retire gracefully.

  6. As if Molly and Red are going to be able to get out of their contractual arrangements and spend weeks on a tour! As if!

    Red is busy with morning radio in Melbourne, and Molly is busy with radio and tv commitments too. What a joke.

    The biggest joke is how Daryl escaped a conviction for drink driving but the plebes don’t stand a chance of getting out of it.

  7. Interesting idea. I for one couldn’t give a rats a*se about the musical numbers on the show. Even since I was ten I fast-forwarded all the flavour of the month musical acts so I could get to Red Faces and Celebrity Head.

  8. part of the attraction of this show in its Hey day…was the international acts, so if it toured regionally (which iam sure it would not) i probably wouldnt go…saw it in the studio the in the first 20 years..that was and is enough…let it go Daryl…let it go… bring it back was good for one thing…and that was to show my kids the shows i watched when i was a kid…after they turned off.. so did i

  9. Just let it go Daryl. The viewers made their choice. The ratings said no. One last ditch attempt to sucker some more money out of your die hard rusted on fans that just can’t move on. “ticketed venues”? Give ur die hards a freebie Daryl.

  10. Daz, people were enthusiastic about the return on TV and well we all know how that ended, this time you’re going to ask them for $100 up front…good luck.

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