SBS launches SBS On Demand

Following its beta-testing phase, SBS has today launched its new, video catch-up service – SBS On Demand – offering full episodes, clips and live streams of SBS programs.

Amongst its features are a streaming rate of 1.5MB, social media capacity, live sports streaming, email notification of favourite shows.

Michael Ebeid, SBS Managing Director, said: “SBS On Demand has been developed as more than just a regular catch-up service – it’s a real step forward in evolution – a sophisticated yet simple-to-use, true on-demand service providing our audiences with a more personal and flexible service – wherever and whenever they want.

“It has an excellent range of content – including, for the first time, feature films; a very high quality streaming experience; and some really innovative product features such as personalised recommendations, playlisting and the ability to subscribe to series.”

For the first time, full length feature-films will be available on SBS On Demand as well as other favourite SBS programming including documentaries, news and current affairs, drama, comedy, sport and entertainment. SBS fans need never worry about missing their favourite program again. The on-demand video player features over 90% of all SBS prime time TV content as well as a back-catalogue of over 20,000 items including flagship SBS shows like Go Back To Where You Came From, Immigration Nation and First Australians.

Some of the world’s biggest sporting events will also be available to stream Live via SBS On Demand, such as the UEFA Champions League, premier cycling events including the Tour de France, and flagship weekly SBS Sport programs The World Game and Cycling Central.

SBS On Demand has a top streaming rate of 1.5MB for superior picture quality and includes ‘adaptive bitrate technology’ meaning users will also get the optimum experience for their internet connection. It also features social functionality that will allow audiences to share and recommend content to friends on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

What’s on offer:
Users can watch what they want, when they want. They can pick and choose videos, programs or series and add them to their playlist.
Easily browse and search the full catalogue of videos.
Discover recommended videos that are most relevant to the user.
Share their favourite videos with friends across social networks, or add comments to videos
A top streaming rate of 1.5MB for superior picture quality.

Users who sign up for an account get even more out of SBS On Demand. They will be able to:
Subscribe to have videos, programs or series automatically added to their playlist.
Receive email notifications when new videos appear on their playlist or when their favourite videos are about to expire.


  1. Any programme about Nazi Germany I endeavour to watch. ‘As it happened’ is a great programme; however I missed the first programme in this latest 4 programme series of the Nazi regime and I am anxious to see it. Is it available to view and if so how can I retrieve it? Thank you

  2. SBS has instrumental promoting multiculturalism; with various docs. And current affairs issues from around the globe; which an verage Joe wouldn’t have dare to get, were it not for professional work the network had been doing!
    And now service on demand!
    It is fabulous.

  3. well done sbs, i just watched “letters and numbers” and it worked well and no commercial break either..never watching sbs on tv ever again (well cant get a decent digital signal anyway)

  4. Does this mean we can watch movies and other programs via compter without interruptions by ads?
    I hope so, because I haven’t watched much SBS at all since they started putting ads within programs. No movies at all! No Inspector Rex!!

    Spending more time on ABC2 these days, but do miss great programs on SBS.

  5. THis sounds great. I think SBS’s online catchup tv service will be better then any of the commerical networks, considering they dont have the money to keep fixing it if there are problems so they spend the money they do have properly i like that, which is more then i can say for the commerical networks.

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