Renovators top Wednesday night

TEN’s Renovators: The Winner Announced was the top rating show on Wednesday reaching 1.26m viewers.

Michael Lynch was declared the winner with the Fibro Cottage, landing $100,000 cash. The two hour finale averaged 1.12m viewers, also winning its timeslot and helping TEN to secure second place in network shares.

Gruen Planet again did good business for ABC with 1.02m viewers and Spicks And Specks was 928,000. The Hamster Wheel (823,000) dropped slightly from last week (853,000) but won its timeslot.

Aside from its usual 6-7pm winners, Seven scored with Home and Away (1.01m). Elsewhere The One was 829,000, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was 601,000 and Law & Order: LA was 445,000.

Nine struggled from 7:30pm with Send In The Dogs Australia on 751,000, CSI on 586,000 and Prime Suspect on 513,000.

Amazon With Bruce Parry was healthy for SBS ONE on 310,000.

Heartbeat topped multichannels on 320,000.

Seven won the night.

Week 42


  1. I hope Renovators improves next series because it is great viewing. I, like a lot of people i’m sure, got into halfway through the competition, but I will definitely be watching from the start next year 🙂

  2. LOLA’s due to finish very soon. I wonder what they’ll replace it with.

    Probably Criminal Minds repeats, it’d be nice to have some fresh content though.

  3. Was it just my imagination, or did last night’s auction finale go on for almost as long as the actual makeover of the various houses???
    It just went on and on and on. And having to stand Bland Brendan for that long is just too much to cope with.

  4. I would guess that 1.2M for the finale was way short of what 10 had promised sponsors when selling the series and they are probably up for more compensation. Expect to see lots of Ford, Bunnings and Freedom ads on 10 for the next few months!!!

  5. Having CM:SB and L&O:LA up against CSI and Prime Suspect is splitting the audience and no one wins in the end, those like me who enjoy these type of shows can only watch one channel at a time!

  6. I know where Ten went wrong with this show. It was a show called “The Renovators”, and it mainly featured renovations.

    Talk about one from left field. Who could have seen that curve ball?

  7. The Renovators was great and deserved to win. It was far better viewing then a lot of other shows. Ten still won in primary channels but One let them down.

    Seven still wins with rubbish. Its post 7:30pm lineup is poor and includes 2 already axed shows which aired months ago in the US. 7 News still stuggles in Sydney and even lost in Melbourne. Nine should have bet Seven. That Dogs show may be bad but CSI should have done a lot better and is more watchable then Criminal Minds:SB. Things might change with Hawaii 5 0 at 8:30pm from next week. ABC’s comedy lineup still did really well. The Chaser are still making me laugh.

  8. I guess all those who got to ‘sample’ the show during the MC finale came back for auction…

    Another good night for the ABC with Nine practically giving the night away and as for Seven.. well I decided to watch The One last night, entertaining enough but there’s no reason why they had to start out with over 10 contestants. Why not just have 4 mediums and have them compete on a points basis..oh that’s right… Seven just want to drag the show out to fill the hour so why not just throw a dozen people into the mix …arrghh!

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