Returning: Undercover Boss (USA)

Monday is the season finale of Undercover Boss Australia, so TEN will dovetail straight into new episodes of Undercover Boss (USA) the following week.

“Brightstar Care”
Go undercover with some of the most influential senior executives as they spend a week working incognito in an entry-level role at their own company.

And from the looks of the preview they could call this Really Bad Wig Boss.

It isn’t clear if Undercover Boss Australia will resume in 2012 so this might be the last outing of the local production.

Returns 8:30pm Monday November 7th on TEN.


  1. Can’t see this series having legs much longer in either country. Some stranger turns up at your workplace being filmed for a “documentary”…hmmm, surely the first thing everyone thinks now is Undercover Boss. Oh and the over-dramatisation is definately getting too much….”I’m stepping down as CEO”, cue ‘shocked’ faces, “to go undercover”…cue smiles, laughs and general boardroom hilarity….yawn!

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