60 Minutes: Nov 20

Residents of the Gold Coast, may want to look the other way tomorrow when 60 Minutes debunks the image of paradise and beaches and presents it as a city of crime and unemployment.

A bit like that Nine drama series The Strip. That had Gold Coast crime, followed by unemployment…

Trouble in Paradise
It’s Australia’s playground. Tourists from all over the country and around the globe, are drawn by the Gold Coast’s glittering image of surf, sand and sun-drenched beaches. But the sleek high rises and glossy billboards, can no longer hide the fact that our premier holiday strip has also become Australia’s crime capital. Rapid growth and high unemployment have fuelled an underworld culture of drugs and violence and a crime rate spiralling out of control. And no wonder, when you discover, local police are being denied even the most basic crime-fighting resources. The city may be celebrating at the prospect of hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games, but for many who live there, the Gold Coast has lost its shine.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producers: Steve Burling, Ali Smith

Cyber War
Right now, a bitter global war is raging. But you won’t be seeing military hardware or armed troops on the evening news. This is a silent, covert battle, waged in the secrecy of cyberspace for the control of our information and data. And we are not just talking about identity theft or corporate sabotage. By accessing highly sensitive computer files, hostile governments can now cripple power grids, water supplies, even nuclear facilities without firing a single shot. Creating a national catastrophe has never been easier. And the new weapon of choice for the world’s terrorists is the humble laptop.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producers: Danny Keens, Hannah Boocock

The Guru Busters
It’s a land steeped in superstition and for thousands of years Indians have revered the otherworldly and the fantastical. But that’s made them easy targets for self-proclaimed gurus eager to make a quick rupee. Right now, a million or so of these spiritual shysters are peddling their trade across the length and breadth of the subcontinent. They spruik miracle cures and perform seemingly impossible feats of magic, charging extravagantly for their dubious services. They’ve always done a brisk business. That is, until the guru busters came along.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harv

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. Gold coast surfers paradise is a beautiful destination alot to see and do,im going back there because iv got family and friends and people are friendly. security cameras should be all over surfers paradise for peoples safety and to help police.

  2. When Surfers Paradise stopped Indy Cars, we stopped spending a Lot of money! It Was the only place in Australia where we enjoyed a weekend vacation. Now, without the Indy Cars, it’s Vegas or stay ‘home’ in Port Macquarie!

  3. Australia had better wake up!! Its considered by most that Community spirit is lacking. Brutal senseless crime is a common occurance and more violent, people just dont care about each other. Plz Australia get Real and Look out for one another…

  4. Instead of hassling the deputy commisioner about the crime how about harrassing the State Govt of Qld . Stop bagging the police and support them they can only do as much as their resources allow . Get onto the govt to give them the helecopters and upto date police cars . As was stated there has been computers in cars for years and cameras . It is not a country back water town get with the programme and support your police or any emergency worker and make the govt provide them with the resources they should have to protect the community .
    Stop pointing the finger at the police it is not their fault it is the government start yelling people .

  5. Yes it is all glitter on the strip with spectacular beaches and huge fun at the theme parks but there is so much more than that to be found on the much maligned GC than most of you would ever dream. Instead of hanging around Cavill Ave take a look to the west of the highway. There you will find some of the most majestic rainforests, waterfalls and views any where in the country !
    So don’t just base your opinions on the night club strip, at night it is as grungy and nasty as any where else on the planet including heaven for bid dear old Melbourne.

  6. Let’s take this from tourist perspective not local. I’m sure locals feel strong about it, but let’s be fair and say that Gold Coast can’t compare with Melbourne, because Gold Coast is exclusively a tourist town while Melbourne isn’t. Gold Coast must protect tourist at all costs because it’s their livelihood. Where are tourists there always crooks and not necessary coming from a local population. I think locals will have to work with police to filter good from the bad, otherwise Gold Coast might go on a list of places for tourists to avoid.

  7. Moanique in Brisbane

    @ Beckala, yes Melbourne is a great place, but if we’re talking about beaches, the Gold Coast beats Melbournes dirty beaches hands down 🙂

  8. What a load of absolute rubbish! I live in Surfers Paradise having also lived in Melbourne and there is no comparison whatsoever. I feel safer on the Gold Coast than I ever have in Melbourne but love both cities. The fact is the Gold Coast has been hit hard by the high Aussie dollar as has tourism throughout the country as a whole. What better way to really hurt struggling businesses than some sensationalist tabloid current affairs show exaggerating issues that are inherent in any city. This country needs tourism, it certainly doesn’t need what 60 Minutes has become.

  9. Moanique in Brisbane

    I’ve lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast amongst other places, and I feel safer on the Gold Coast than in any other place. Yes there is crime on the Gold Coast, but fortunately i’ve never been affected by it.

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