New sitcom for Jim Henson puppets

Shades of Alf and Mrs. Ochmonek, perhaps? Or possibly Greg The Bunny

NBC has done a deal with Jim Henson Studios in association with Universal Television, for a new sitcom about a human family living next door to a family of puppets in Palm Springs.

The New Nabors, will be written by John Hoffman (Afterlife) and 30 Rock executive producer John Riggi.

The announcement comes just as a new Muppets movie is about to be released although the new show isn’t specifically starring those felt friends.

The title is said to be a homage to actor Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle).

Source: Deadline


  1. The Muppets have taken 20 years to adapt to the loss of Jim.

    They’ve been doing some funny stuff on the web and hopefully this new feature will see a return to form.

    I wish them well. Jim Henson was all about pushing into new forms of family entertainment – there’s no reason why something like this couldn’t work – if the scripts are good.

  2. I recall reading a few years back they pitched doing a Muppet’s based Big Brother type show. I always thought that idea had some potential, but this sounds somewhat interesting.

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