Rumour: Rodger Corser lands US Network deal

Two of his television shows may have finished up, but actor Rodger Corser looks like he has landed on his feet already.

TV Tonight hears whispers that Corser has landed a Network talent deal with ABC in the US.

Corser is believed to have been flown to the US by the network giant where he impressed US execs.

A network deal would see him on contract with a suitable project yet to be determined.

Actor Josh Lawson landed a similar contract with FOX in 2008.

It’s good news for Corser given both Rush and Spirited have not been renewed by TEN or Foxtel.

Rush ends its four year run with a finale next week.


  1. He’s a lovely guy, can’t blame them going overseas when not much drama here and it only seems to last a few years, no stability for them.

    Good luck Rodger

  2. What a loss for Aussie TV. Spirited and Rush are given the flick and Roger is going to the USA to put on a fake American accent and be one of them. I wish him every success but I could cry for the shows not warranted to be of adequate quality by short-sighted network executives who think everything American is the future. Meh.

  3. Shame about Rush it was the Best Aussie crime show since Stingers and Four years in this Country is nearly Simpson class,hope it gets a good ending and all is well.

  4. I’ve absolutely loved Rodger since Last Man Standing…and altho I will miss both Rush and Spirited am stoked that he gets this opportunity! All the best to him!

  5. What a fabulous thing, all our local actors will be saying, justifiably delighted for their talented colleague as he heads off to play no doubt an American in America. These of course being the same actors wailing about Elizabeth Moss playing an Aussie/ NZer for Jane Campion. I have to admit that the flagrantly hypocritical attitudes on this matter of local performer protectionism have become my own personal bug bear at the moment, so apologies Mr Corser that I hold forth on that before saying “Bloody well done mate”.

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